Mitt Romney’s Official Governor Portrait Includes “First-In-The-Nation Universal Health Care Law”

Mitt Romney has been quick to poo-poo on the presidential campaign the universal health care bill, or “Romneycare,” that he helped make law as Governor of Massachusetts. At a time when the national health care bill championed by President Obama (and patterned after Romneycare) is extremely unpopular with conservatives, Romney can hardly afford to be closely associated with the legislation in Massachusetts.

But here’s an interesting tid-bit from Politico’s Ben Smith. Take a good look at Mitt Romney’s official portrait from Massachusetts, which was unveiled in 2009:

According to the Associated Press, next to Romney on the desk is “a leather bill binder emblazoned with a medical seal, symbolizing the first-in-the-nation universal health care law he signed in April 2006.”

It’s the only symbol of Romney’s policy achievements as governor in the portrait. Which indicates exactly what he thought of it at the time.

Do Republicans really want someone who championed Romneycare representing them in an election cycle against the originator of Obamacare?

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  • mikemc1970

    I don’t know Rob. Sure he was proud to be seen with that then, but things do change. Much like Obama is firmly behind Eric Holder right now. Will that be something Obama touts in a few months time? My magic eight ball is saying “Don’t Hold Your Breath”.

  • LastBestHope

    Reform is needed in American healthcare. Does anyone seriously deny that?

    The point is, WHAT KIND OF REFORM? ObamaCare is the worst kinda “reform”….and maybe what Romney tried in MA years ago was too. We learn by doing. But.that was then and this is now.

    I’ll submit that Romney, based on his MA experience and it being tossed in his face ever since, is more versed on what kinda reform might actually work for US than anyone in the field.

  • Sparks

    Implementing something like this at the state level is different than implementing it at a federal level.  This is especially true in cases where there is a clear mandate for such change.  The painting reflects Romney’s work, but also the will of the people of Mass. during his tenure.

    It’s sad that such things need to be pointed out to republicans, who putatively endorse states rights and small, local government.

    • LastBestHope

      Your 1st paragraph was truth. After that, you face-planted.

      The GOP wants healtcare reform that is market based. Based on the track record of fed control and administration of AMTRAK, USPS, SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE/MEDICADE…. can you deny that market forces are superior?

      • Sparks

        None of your examples proves much since there have been conservative interests trying to ‘derail’ all of those projects since their inception.

        It’s not a market controlled vs. planned situation.  There was planning, anti-planning, and even some market forces.

        Do you call the success of synthetic oils the result of market forces too, despite the fact that moralizers had hemp banned to create a market opening for the synthetic oils?

        You call Amtrak bested by the market, but the auto, rubber, etc. lobbies have been lining up against it.  As soon as it was planned, it was being stymied.  Do I wish we had a rail system characteristic of a first world country?  Sure.

  • realitybasedbob

    You’ll vote for him, you know you’ll vote for him.

  • Game

    Duh, Mitt Romeny is a flip-flopper. Who knows what, if anything, he really stands for.

  • Right-in-Texas

    I just do not want another John McCain put in there who is a nice guy, not opinionated and what the media seems to be pushing.  I think Obama would love to have Romney on a debate. 

    Obama: “I just don’t see how Romney could be about what you folks call Obamacare, OF COURSE I CARE, (pause for audience) when Romney’s health plan is what I modeled mine from”   

    I do not see the fight in Romney, he is playing it way too safe, being a nice guy is not going to get Obama out.  In order to fire Obama for we will need someone who is able and will press Obama’s buttons to get him to talk off queue.  

    • LastBestHope

      No fight? Too nice? You mighta missed Romney at the Citadel. This is the kinda leadership that must come from our next president. Obama is everything that is wrong with US, especially in foreign affairs.
      Take a listen. This was a great speech, revealing Romney’s vision of America as we recover from the ObamaNation

      • Wakeup

        Mitt Romney will say anything he feels is needed to be the nominee and for that reason I do not trust this guy at all. I wish people would look at him overall and realize he is a political whore and just McCain part two.

      • Right-in-Texas

        Those were some good thoughts.  Hopefully he will come out fighting tonight and be able to convey his message.
        As I said I just do not want another McCain     

  • Ratbite

    & some folks wonder why I will never support or vote for MItt Romney. If he get the Repubican nomination this is one of millions of conservatives that will either stay home or vote third party IF Obama actually permits elections to be held in November of 2012.