Mitt Romney: “I Want Everyone To Be Rich”

During the GOP debate tonight Mitt Romney was asked who he would define as being rich. Romney refused to answer.

“I don’t try and define who is rich and who is not rich,” said the former Massachusetts governor. “I want everybody in America to be rich. I want people in this country to have opportunity. I want everybody to have the kind of opportunities that we on this stage have had.”

I am not a fan of Mitt Romney. I think it would be a mistake to nominate him. But I’ve got to say that these comments during the debate are a refreshing departure from the class warfare rhetoric that has been dominating so much of the national debate of late.

It’s not about equal outcomes. It’s about equal opportunity.

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  • Mark Okabe

    Equal opportunity is one thing, wealth is another.Some of the richest people I know make far less than Romney has in his lifetime, yet had the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, provide for their family and live the way they choose to live. And people in general, more often than not get that chance at some point to “become wealthy” yet the cards don’t play out. Romney’s answer sounds nothing less than the same talking points I hear other progressive candidate’s spout; the only difference is he’s attempting to run with an R next to his name.

    How does one make everyone in an entire nation rich? And I mean in a political sense. For one to have “wealth” one must take from another as payment for goods or services. For everyone to have that “equal” chance, people expect to have the playing field leveled for them. And for those that can’t keep up or need more help than others, they get propped up by nothing less than the taking from others to them.

    I’m sorry to say, wanting everyone to be rich is a fantasy. Equal opportunity is only achieved by working towards the goal regardless of how stacked the playing field might be. There is a difference between everyone getting that shot at success and ensuring everyone succeeds. In Romney’s case, I take it as him wanting both despite knowing you can’t.

    • Rob

      I think you’re missing the point of his comments.

      He’s talking about changing the discussion from targeting people who are rich to redistribute their wealth to having Americans aspire to be like the wealthy.

      Obviously it doesn’t, and never will, work out for all of us.  Sometimes it’s bad luck.  Sometimes it’s bad decision making.  But should we all aspire to be rich rather than jealously wanting to redistribute their wealth?


  • borborygmi

    Mitt knowing that Perry would be in attack mode counter punched very well.     

    • Rob

      I think they were both in attack mode.

  • Neiman

    According to the focus group were many of them changed to Romney and felt he won the debate and I agree, my bet is he goes back to #1 and Perry, as he should, slowly fades away. Romney is no true conservative, but he has the best change to win the White House.

    • Rob

      If he wins the White House, but he’s no conservative, than what have we won?

      More years of not really changing much of anything?

      • robert108

        Getting those commies out of our govt would be beneficial.  Not that I want to settle for that, but I’m not going to go all “defeatist” in search of political perfection.

      • Neiman

        A. He’s better than Obama!
        B. He will have to align himself by his official acts mostly with the conservatives.
        C. He’s better than Obama.
        D. So, if it is Romney you won’t vote Republican?

  • realitybasedbob

    I missed it.

    Did anyone bring up cutting taxes or regulations to get the economy back on the right track?
    What about the Raygun card?
    I’m sure someone said something about Washington running our lives and what we need is liberty or freedom or both because America is exceptional and President Obama is ruining it for us with European Socialism.
    Did a gop vow to end Social(ism) Security and health care for all?

    Be honest, did Crazy Michele say something stupid again?

    On a brighter note, my team overcame a 10 point deficit with 4 minutes to play, forced an overtime and won by 8.

  • WOOF

    Romney said he was middle class yesterday.
    “the great middle class — the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country.”
    Not ready for prime time.