Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie Seemingly On Its Way To A Flop


Matt Damon has become something of an anti-fracking activist. His new movie, Promised Land
, takes aim at oil and gas drilling technique, no doubt hoping to do for fracking what The China Syndrome
did for nuclear energy.

The movie is about an oil industry land man who is out to swindle property owners into letting oil companies “frack” (drill for oil”) on their land.

So how is the movie doing? We don’t have any box office numbers, but according to top movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes neither viewers nor professional movie critics are all that impressed:


I haven’t seen the movie yet (I want to, I generally like both Damon and John Krasinski), but I don’t think this one is destined to be a box office success. Which is a relief. Fracking has become important not just to North Dakota’s economy but the nation’s. The last thing we need is a regulatory and legal assault spurred by Hollywood-manufactured hysteria.

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  • yy4u2

    No frackin intelligent person should support Hollyweird’s agendas. Entertainment is one thing. People thinking they know what they are talking about based off seeing these things, and then voting, are quite another.
    If it is a total flop, I would love to see something like what I believe Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting did. A conservative interviewer would be eating an apple. He/She would ask Damon if he liked apples. Damon would say yes. The interviewer would show Damon the crap numbers and end their conversation with, “how do you like these apples?”

  • RCND

    “Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Move Seemingly On Its Way To A Flop”

    Hopefully so is his career

    • joeb

      Likely his investors in the UAE won’t be happy…

    • Rob

      I actually like most of Matt Damon’s movies.

  • mikemc1970

    People are tired of the cries of “WOLF!” from the envirosocialists. When they began that whole “fracking causes earthquakes” nonsense they pretty much threw away all support from most of the logical and thinking people (aka non-democrats).

  • borborygmi

    The trouble is that it is trying to capture the angst portrayed in The China Syndrome but it is a different time and a different audience with a different perspective, mainly I don’t give a f$ck attitude.

    • Rob

      Or maybe fracking just isn’t that bad.

      • borborygmi

        Doesn’t matter different time , place and attitude. Nor is Fracking Bad.

  • Snarkie


    • Rob

      Hey, you have a sense of humor, who knew?

  • camsaure

    We shouldn’t support such drivel by going to this propaganda fest. Why support the leftt’s proaganda? If you think you absolutley have to see it wait a few weeks so as to not help it in the weekend box office ratings.

  • LastBestHope

    Hollywood hates capitalism for US….but measure themselves by ticket sales and will remove those who fail at the box office from their A-List parties.

    It’s the same lefty hypocrisy that mocks the idea of armed guards in every school, while sending their kids to schools with armed guards.

    It’s the same as Planet Gore preaching carbon footprint reductions for US, while he lives in mansions, flys his jet everywhere, eats prime red meat and sells his business to crude oil merchants.

    Loons are strange and vile birds.

  • Gene Lalor

    2012 Movies Drive Liberal-Leftists Bonkers!

    As most rational people understand, liberal-leftists are only liberal when they agree with what is being said or done, when they find the rare conservative who agrees with them, and when they know they’re right, which is just about always.
    Some recent films must seriously perturb our liberal friends because they illustrate values foreign to the lib mindset, because they reveal truths they find unsettling, or because they depict a past or a future that forces them to retreat into their denial cocoons as a defense against reality.
    On the other hand, they simply love movies like Django Unchained that reflect their nihilism, negativity, and fundamental disregard for decency.
    Go figure.
    Les Miserables, the film–not the classic novel by Victor Hugo–is an overly-long, somewhat-tinny reproduction of the Broadway musical drama featuring actors pretending to be singers but with the same outstanding score and music, and with amazing visual effects.
    What bugs libs are the Les Mis themes of “old-fashioned values” and themes of ”faith, grace, justice, the experience of God through love. . . dealt with honestly and entertainingly throughout,” according to’s Andrew Klavan. (
    Lib-leftists are big into justice such as when black men vengefully and mercilessly whip and murder white men in Django but faith, grace, and God are concepts they regard as irremediably antiquated.
    So, too, do conservative motifs in The Dark Knight Rises and Zero Dark Thirty seriously rock liberal psyches to their core while Atlas Shrugged: Part II may very well have caused them to retch and Obama’s America: 2016 could easily induce apoplectic fits.
    All those reactions assume liberals would dare attend any of those films, an unlikelihood unless someone bought them a ticket or if they planned in advance to criticize them to shreds and needed to manufacture some ammunition.
    The lib issues with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight center on its provocative–to liberals–depiction of a persecuted billionaire pitted against the thuggish forces of evil who despise capitalism and freedom. Batman eventually saves Gotham by altruistically sacrificing his own life.
    A billionaire superhero preserving capitalism and freedom? Defeating anti-social, tyrranical criminals? Altruism?
    None of that computes with the leftist set.
    Nor does the truth contained in Kathryn Bigelow’s historical docudrama Zero Dark Thirty . . .
    (

  • Cris McConkey

    Viewers Respond to Promised Land —Five movie goers comment on the film “Promised Land” on the first night of its expanded release. The movie has elicited a lot of commentary by both activists and industry people in advance of its release, based on prior expectations. So what do folks thinks of the movie once they finally see it? Video URL: (5:10)

  • BigDog40

    Another actor who I won’t be spending my money on at the movies or at the rental store.
    Did someone die and declare him king of the greenie movement?

  • BigDog40

    This is from Huff Post…. Posted: 09/23/2012 10:13 am

    In 1975, the Department of Energy began funding research into fracking and horizontal drilling, where wells go down and then sideways for thousands of feet. But it took more than 20 years to perfect the process.
    Over three decades, from the shale fields of Texas and Wyoming to the Marcellus in the Northeast, the federal government contributed more than $100 million in research to develop fracking, and billions more in tax breaks.

    The boom happened “away from the greedy grasp of Washington,” the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank, wrote in an essay this year.
    If bureaucrats “had known this was going on,” the essay went on, “surely Washington would have done something to slow it down, tax it more, or stop it altogether.”