Kopp Column: Fascism Is Alive And Well In America


Recently John Mackley the president of a large food company, Whole Foods who is himself a vegan and is also a left-thinker called elements of today’s federal power system fascist. He is right.

Let’s be clear on this point: He did not say “Nazism,” but fascism. The Third Reich was fascist, but not all fascists belong to the Third Reich. Further, unlike what I was taught by my avowed Socialist high school civics teacher, Republicans are not fascists

The core of fascism is economic and that’s what often leads to the rise of the fascist political state. It is state control over private business – control, not ownership. We often forget that while the U.S. was going through the Great Depression, so was Europe. Germany was among the hardest hit. It was said that at the time that Hitler’s fascism rose to power, it took a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread.

Test yourself and see if you detect any of these traits in 2013 America:

Similarity #1: Creating an “us-and-them” class system.

In most cases, the “us-and-them” class division falls along economic lines. Often a person or race is labeled as the source of the opposition. Blaming Bush, blaming “the rich,” blaming Wall Street creates an “us-and-them” mentality.

Hitler accused Jews of creating the financial problems of Germany. In fact, Jews had lived so frugally that when the depression hit Germany, their lifestyles were less affected than others. They lived as they always did, not showy, not pretentious. This made them suspect. Some in America today are doing this as they attempt to create or accentuate class conflict, defining or re-defining the economic enemy who must be regulated or taken over.

Similarity #2: Fascism centralizes power for the good of the people.

When Hitler came to power, Germany had been used to a more affluent lifestyle. When their economy collapsed Germans were upset and wanted something better. Hitler made promises that for the good of the nation, there would have to be sacrifices

Under a fascist economy, free market economies are seen as “bad” and must be reined in by the benevolent government. Today in America, “The Rich” have been targeted as the enemy who must pay their “fair share.”

Similarity #3: Take over some of the banking industry and some of the production economy.

One of the tenants of Fascism is to control property and income through agreements with the private sector. Hitler took control of the German banking industry, natural resources and private companies. Think “The People’s Car,” Volkswagen.

Is this beginning to sound familiar? Think “Chrysler,” “GM,” “green” industries, banks and investment houses.

Similarity #4: Revolutionary Change.

In the interest of the national good, sacrifices are made, hope is promised and revolutionary change is made. This is a consistent trait of all fascist regimes from Hussein to Hitler to Franco. It is not always a dictatorial change but usually a cooperative change, perhaps using two or three other bodies of government and their leaders. They work in unison without checks and balances; something America’s foundational document clearly defines, but in recent times has been ignored. Hitler made revolutionary changes in the nation’s school systems, banking system, production system. He had help from Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering.

Similarity #5: Usher in revolutionary charismatic leadership.

Being a charismatic leader in not being a fascist. But a charismatic leader is a transitional leader. Remember, it’s all about change, revolution. A transitional leader is necessary to facilitate the revolutionary change brought in by fascism. The leader’s charisma, narcissism and his elevated self-view make him the central figure of a fascist movement. Members of the National Socialist Party in Germany pledged allegiance not to a flag, but to the leader with shouts of “Heil Hitler.”

Among modern fascists are leaders of some Islamic sects, particularly the Ba-athists such as Saddam Hussein. Similar in his charisma and ability to usher in radical change was Spain’s Francisco Franco.

Similarity #6: Early childhood group-think and programming

Group-think is common in all cultures and sub cultures. The communication system of a fascist nation must be controlled. This includes both entertainment and news. You saw it in Iraq and may remember reading about it under Hitler.

It plays a particular dominant role in a fascist system by targeting young people. They are taught to extol the virtues of the charismatic leader, to have disdain for economic distinctions and to embrace radical change.

Schools often become the vehicle for this type of re-training or programming. This often is so subtle and thorough that it eventually replaces the family as the bedrock of beliefs.

To this point, I am reminded of a book that was released for elementary school about four years ago. It was called, Who is Barack Obama. Shortly after Mr. Obama was inaugurated, a video was circulating of school children who had memorized and were performing a song praising the virtues of Mr. Obama.

Nazi-similarity #7: Extermination of lesser-desirables

For Hitler, it was not only Jews who were to be exterminated; it was also Gypsies, Romanians and other fringe cultures of the German culture and society. They were hunted down and killed, no matter their age, nor their position in life, they were to be exterminated. For Hussein it was the opposing Islamic sects and “Demon America.”

In the United States a group that has been targeted for death is the pre-born. For Hitler, it was racial distinctions. For Hussein it was religious distinctions. In America, it is age distinctions.

Make no doubt about it, fascism is revolutionary. It attempts to usher in radical change in a quick time span. Sweeping national legislation is one means of making this radical change. The strongest political element resisting radical sweeping change is conservatives. As my socialist high school teacher drilled in to us, conservatizes are people who do not want to change, they want to keep things in “the old way.” That of course is false. The free market economy (a direct opposite of a fascist economy) some of the greatest changes in the world have occurred.

If I can sit in my kitchen and see these similarities, you can too — that is if you are a thinking person.

Mike Kopp has exercised his political muscle as a media director to two statewide campaigns, a television political reporter, a lobbyist, and staff assistant to the Senate Majority Leader. He is currently a communications contractor working from his home in Wilton, ND.

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  • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

    You’re kind of a fringie kook, there, aren’t Mr. Mike?
    President Obama is a Hitler? BBAHAHAAAAHAHAAA

    • yy4u2

      Mr Kopp pointed to some similarities. I would think that a genius as yourself, if wanting to debate or refute these, would come up with and show some examples that mr Kopp is a kook in his thinking. But why be an adult when you can live in your cocaine based world right crackhead bob?

      • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

        Refute the nutter proffer that President Obama is a Hitler?
        Just pointing and laughing at the suggestion is refutation enough.

        Would you like me to point and laugh at you, yy?

        • alanstorm

          IOW, you are unable to refute the assertion that Obama is acting in a fascist manner.

          Got it.

          • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

            Storm front, President Obama is not acting in a fascist manner.
            Just let me know if you want me to point and laugh at you too.

          • alanstorm

            IOW, alternate-reality, you are still unable to refute the assertion that Obama is acting in a fascist manner.

            Got it.

          • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

            I’ll point & laugh at you the next time I see a horse with its back to me.

        • $8194357

          Global team Soros who owns team Barry is a continuation of the
          Nazi/islamic/satan agendas dumb a$$..
          Non revisionist history with Scriptual lenses applied..
          Goes tyranical global end times government every dang time…

        • Mike

          I re-read the column, and no, I do not see any place that says President Obama is a Hitler. I guess you came up with that one all by yourself. Kudos to you!

          • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

            I re-read it too, Mr. Mike and I guess I got it wrong.

            When you wrote:

            Is this beginning to sound familiar? Think “Chrysler,” “GM,” “green” industries, banks and investment houses.

            You must have been referring to the previous bush administration.

            My bad.

            Bush Bails Out GM, Chrysler
            By Roy Edroso
            Fri., Dec. 19 2008 at 10:29 AM


            I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.


            Our Green President, George W. Bush


            Bush signs $700bn economic bail-out plan approved by Congress


            Thank you for sharing the truth about gop. We have such short memories, thank God you are there, keepin’ it real.

          • Mike

            Notice the title of this column, “Fascism is alive and well in AMERICA” not merely the Obama administration. However, one point out of 7 that you point to from the Bush Administration hardly makes for a reliable personification of a political philosophy called “fascism” which is alive and well in America.

          • alanstorm

            Mike, that would require that A-RBB actually THINK. Not a quality associated with leftists, else they would not BE leftists.

          • camsaure

            So, RBB, you do admit then that IS facism. That mst be awful hard for you to do. Yes Bush is a progressive, and obuma is a much worse one. Both are headed in that direction except obuma with a chip on his shoulder also wants to hurt America even more. Both of them are wrong.

      • Neiman

        Yes Gay Bob is all you say and much.much worse, but most Democrats/Liberals, like their German cousins, will never recognize the dangers their political belief system entails until it is too late, until they too are victims of Fascist tyranny. I doubt even Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc think they are evil and destroying America, well maybe Pelosi, that sick old broad probably realizes what she is doing; but the point is they are mostly deluded by their false sense of compassion, and like Mayor Bloomberg of NYC – a most damnable ego maniacal dictator, believe they were invested with greater wisdom than common men and they only want to be benevolent dictators, they are that self involved and deluded.

        When this nation bought into the Obama delusions the first time and most unforgivable the second time, they accepted the idea they were willing to surrender their liberty and control of their own lives to the Nanny State DemocRATS, in the name of peace, safety and security they said they no longer choose to be a free people, they gave up on the Republic. If you recall Logan’s Run or the Time Machine, both science-fiction movies, the people had all they wanted given to them by benevolent dictators, all they had to do was surrender liberty and accept the fact the State would control life and death, killing the older generations for the good of the State. That is exactly what America agreed to last November, we will allow you to slaughter our children and deny care, sentencing to the death the elderly/infirmed and submit even what they eat to the State (See Soylent Green). That is the cost of their folly.

    • Dave

      obama is just fulfilling all the hopes and dreams of his mentors.

      • $8194357

        Global tyranical governance for the benifit of the elitist left
        olagarchy of Illuminati earthly eden utopia seekers..
        Folowers of satan one and all..

    • Steve

      “President Obama is a Hitler?”

      Funding and installing an enemy of Israel just across their border. Furnishing Israel’s enemy with high tech fighter aircraft. Finally you got something right and answered your own question..

      • $8194357

        The global agendas of Nazis/communist/islamist take many a modern PC form like wacko enviromentalism…Swiss banking structures, Nazis, Eygypt and Syria have all been linked at the hip since Hitler was a pup….
        All global tyranist wanna bee ideologies run by illuminati rich ruling class
        steering commitees of the olagarchy…
        Been studying on it for a spell..
        From this one world new world order the anti christ will rise?

      • Ken

        Notice how RBB confirms what Steve says by not responding.

    • Mike

      Hmmm…I just don’t see anywhere in the column that says President Obama is a Hitler. I guess you came up with that one all by yourself. Good for you! Congrats!

    • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

      Hitler didn’t even look like “Hitler” in 1933, he looked still different in 1939, and he looked even more different in 1945.

      • HG


        • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

          Liberals think in static terms. Hitler as cartoon. This is because they deny reality and flit about in the timeless realm. They won’t believe Obama is like Hitler until Obama grows a mustache, becomes a white man, and speaks German—if then. In any case, Obama will never be “exactly” like Hitler, since Hitler was far less of a hedonistic narcissist.

    • $16179444

      He’s worse. he supports abortion….each year is a Holocaust.

  • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

    Mr. Mike, your lead off man, John Mackey does not believe what he said and said so:

    …”I made a poor word choice to describe our health care system, which I
    definitely regret. The term fascism today stirs up too much negative
    emotion with its horrific associations in the 20th century,” he said.

    …In the written statement, Mackey said the ideal would be to combine
    free enterprise with “a strong governmental safety net” for the poor and
    those with preexisting conditions.


    • Mike

      Yes, you’re right. When he realized the emotional attachment to the word “fascism” was not very pretty (as exhibited here by “reality based bob) was incentive for Mackey to back track. But as the opening statement asserted, “he called elements of today’s power system…” That is a fact. He did that. He was right. He’s just too much of a popularity-based businessman to stick to his guns.

  • $8194357

    Following “ideological indoctrinations” agendas are mainstreamed
    and roll over the host culture..Slow and over time…

    Cultural Marxism has provided the roadmap for un-American ideologies to
    rule from the PC minority position until they become the “majority opinion”.

    Then? Tyrany, facism and ultimatley death camps..
    Sharia is on the heals of the marxist agenda as well…
    Read and learn..


    myjihad is raping a 13-year-old:
    UK Muslim rapist “didn’t know” that sex with a 13-year-old girl was illegal,
    in Islamic faith he was taught
    “women are worthless” so he is spared jail

    Rape is in the Quran, respect it!
    Muhammad’s favorite wife was six years old. respect it!
    Muhammad raped her at 9 years old, respect it!
    Sharia justice in the UK:

    UK: Muslim abuser who “didn’t know” that sex with a 13-year-old girl
    was illegal is spared jail


    • Realitybasedbrc

      Your tinfoil hat is WAY too tight, gun nutter.

      • $8194357

        No it expands with each development that
        shows it to be a true therory..
        No worries here mate…
        I got a ticket on the ride outa here already punched..
        God Bless and keep ya now you , Hear?

        No…Of course you don’t..
        The devil tickles the ears of the decieved
        with what “they” want to hear..

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Reality. I do not think this word means what you think it means.

    • Neiman

      Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often (not exclusively) race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition, a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

      Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that seeks the mass mobilization of the national community through discipline, indoctrination, and physical training. Fascism utilizes a vanguard party to initiate a revolution to organize the nation upon fascist principles. Fascism views direct action including political violence and war, as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, spirit and vitality.

      Fascism recognizes the occurrence of class conflict, and advocates a resolution to end the division of classes within a nation and secure national solidarity. However fascism publicly favors proletarian (workers state – unions) culture due to its association of proletarian culture with economic production and claims that the proletariat (workers) as producers must have a dominant role in the nation. It rejects standard bourgeois (property owning capitalists) culture that it associates with unfit sedentary lifestyle, individualism, plutocracy, and the bourgeoisie’s economic exploitation of the nation’s proletariat, that fascism views as inconsistent with virile nationhood. Fascism claims that cultural nationalization of society emancipates the nation’s proletariat, and promotes the assimilation of all classes into a proletarian nation (A Workers/Union State)

      All the above, while not fitting perfectly like a puzzle, still seems to fit the Democrat Party and the Obamanites; through union thuggery and gay thuggery, anti-Wall Street thuggery and other kinds of thuggery, is promoting a classless Workers State. Seems like it fits the Fascist definition to me.

  • spud

    All the name calling in the world will not change the facts that the republican brand is old and stagnant. Just the idea that they would even try to consider changing how the electoral college is done so they can steal election’s when one candidate receives nearly 5 million more votes than the other should tell you the sorry state of the party at the national level. I truly think the days of calling people naxi’s, fascist’s, socialist’s, right wing crack pot’s days are gone if not numbered. It does not work for either party anymore.

    • schreib

      But Obama’s message is old too. His thinking goes back to Marx and Engels and his tactics go back to Lenin and Stalin. He has his own politburo and the main stream press is his office of propaganda.

      • spud

        Actually his message is “cocky” or “emboldened”. Schreib just guessing you were one of the many who was believing the “landslide Romney” preaching out of Fox News. Fair and balanced is more like dumb and stupid when you ignore all the state polling showing Romney losing electoral college. When I call the brand old and stagnant I am talking about there voters age, skill levels not fitting with today’s world which is not fault of there voter’s as much as it is the party apparatus who are at fault. The get out the vote and id work on voter’s is time warped compared to Obama and democratic party.
        Everyone now realizes more and more minorities are going to show up and vote as well as young voters. Repubs need to change those dynamics. I think we all remember John McCain’s immigration bill that failed. Next one that comes up will pass and it will look just like or almost too a fault like that one did a few years ago. It will pass by overwhelming bi-partisan support because they have to get this issue out of the way. That will be reality number one to get out of the way. As far as get out vote and changing ways to identify vote it won’t be overnight but it will happen. Your biggest worry should be supreme court because Mrs. Clinton will eliminate many of so called pretenders from running next election. She is a female who can win not a joke like Palin. Once control of supreme court is finalized they will have power base regardless of if they lose an election or two for quite some time.

    • Mike

      I hope you are right, but I sincerely and respectfully disagree. The name calling will continue and will get worse as class divisions in America are accentuated. Still, I hope you are right. I do not see it as a party affiliation tactic, but as a symptom of tattle-tale, childish American culture.

    • Thresherman

      Strange thing though, even Republicans are rejecting the idea of changing the electoral college. Fancy that, a difference of opinion within a political party. That is something that Democrats can only dream of and quickly act to stamp out. But tell us again how it the GOP that is old and stagnant. An independent thought in the Democratic party is treated as a disease that must be eradicated.

  • $8194357

    Global corruption and tyrany coming our way?
    Has been since, well, forever…
    Jesus cursed those dang money changers
    at the temple for what they truly were, sons of satan..
    Global governance comes from global manipulations of finances..

    When Soros threw his global support network behind Barry
    over Hillary it was a major shift for the olagarchy…He then proceeded to introduce team Barry to the international Swiss bankers for their aproval..Shortly after the olagarchy bought Barry his first election,
    (they have since rigged his second with technocracy and Soros owned companies)
    the Swiss banking network gave up decades of tradition about not giving out info on secret Swiss accounts…They reversed this positon for Barrys Holder driven injustice dept..They prosecuted quite a few Americans for tax evasion and are still “sitting on” about 4000 accounts for “political prupose”…Yes, the global elite play “hardball” when it comes to their UN AGENDA 21 plans for global facist tyrany…
    All this Swiss stuff caught my eye “way back” when Barry boy was first introduced as Soros new hand puppet….Trillions have “moved” around the globe since Soros got his hooks in team Billary.
    Billary helped set up the China part of the global fiat ponzi.
    Follow the money trail and illuminati global governance setup behind the UN…Arab spring was theirs as well…financed by the good old American Federal researve debt ponzi for wealth redistribution..
    It been like a hobby of mine the last 15 to 20 years watching the
    global “end game” set up for the anti christs global reign and tyrany..

    As far as the Hitler accusers on this particular blog story goes?
    The Nazis who used Soros to help them loot Hungery?
    They transfered most of that plunder to these same Swiss banks,
    Go figure Huh..
    Sent their plunder to Switzerland and they moved to
    Egypt and Syria…
    Go figure..
    What in the world was the devil figuring for his future global ambitions?

    Ya…My “tinfoil hat” is expandable as current events take place before our very eyes..
    He with an ear to hear “Listen” to what the Lord is saying to His church…
    Times are getting short and the deceptions are strong in the world today as evil and corrupt people follow the agendas of the evil one..

  • sbark

    As always, being blinded by love of big govt, I’ll add all Dem’cats are the last to see the similarities, as the radical leftist Liberals are using the blind loyalty to the “party” along with the “free stuff” to put in place to gain their voting margins.

    We sit and watch CPUSA cheering the Lefts gun grab, We watch as Obama’s regime has no ideas except the continuation of spending, meanwhile he is just trying to clear the politcal playing field via demonizations the opposition (Romney,Palin,Walker,), vilifying the non-compliant (Mickleson, Mackey)………
    We watched for decades the indoctrination of the youth, the compliant media to the Leftist propaganda–which has greatly acclerated just in the last few months.
    We seen the govt controled segments of our economy grow to almost 50%—20% Health Care, Auto, banking for all practical purposes and Education.–with all of them in some way or form money laundering schemes for Leftist campaign funding.
    ……The Left tried Facism once alreay via Woodrow Wilson and his brownshirts….they have just morphed it to a more internet friendly version 2.0 until the “right” economic crisis that they have created, arisis……….then they are hoping the masses will beg for more——–gun control being the only thing that Hitler and Stalin obtianed and they have not ……….yet.

    • $8194357


      Give sbark a cupie doll..
      10X and 10X

    • Roy_Bean

      “But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government.” — Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

      “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” — Edmund Burke

  • schreib

    Welcome to the Obamunists America

  • Davo

    My grandfather was killed by fascists in WW2.

    They did not look like this.

    • Neiman

      Fascists come in all sorts of costumes, Europe and America until recently have been quite different and remember, we are a Fascist state in the making, we are not to the jackboot stage yet.

    • Mike

      Howdid they differ from the 7 points described above?

    • Thresherman

      Italy and Germany were not the only fascist states you know. Spain existed under fascist rule from the late 30’s until Franco’s death in the mid 70’s. But ill informed tend to ignore the truth and believe that fascism equals Nazism, rather than it being a separate political philosophy as the article pointed out.

  • WOOF

    Tell us about fluoridation Kopp,
    you left out the Communist fluoridation conspiracy.

    • Hal513

      Tell us about those “stripped resources” from Iraq, dopey.

    • Mike

      Mr. Woof, I have never studied the Communist fluoridation conspiracy. It is not one of the political systems I have studied. Tell me about it.

      • $8194357

        Clorine in the water..
        Same chemical Nazi’s used in the showers to gas the Jews..
        Alot of folks freaked in the 50’s about it…
        Small amounts of “poison” over long periods of time just kill ya slower
        than turning it to gas?

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Libtards are control freaks. Fascism just comes natural to them. They must be compensating for other issues

  • Guest

    Kopp take your tin foil hat off
    1., 2 Obama slightly raised taxes on the wealthy from the lowest rates in American history by 4 % points for income and 5% on capital gains which are already given a preference over income. Actual new government spending signed into law increased more under Bush than Obama.
    3. Stocks will go back to the private sector and the government is far fromrunning these companies.
    4 revolutionary change are you kidding me, a health care bill that leaves insurance in the private sector and an idea that came from Republicans, a bailout began under the previous administration, a slight tax increase from the lowest ever??
    5 So I take it Reagan was. Fascist to since he is charismatic.
    6 give me a break states set their own standards and will continue to under common core. There is no Hitler youth in for Obama in America.
    7 Keep digging no one thinks new born babies will ruin America and comparing that to German attitudes towards Jews is nuts.
    According to your loose and vague standards almost every industrialized nation in the world is fascist.

    • Guest

      So I don’t get called out in technicality I’m talking about after the 16th Amendment in 1913 that allowed for our modern taxation system. And the top rates were dropped for a few years in the 20s, so an increase from the lowest effective rates in over 80 years.

      • $8194357

        Internationalist Federal Reserve redistibutive debt ponzi’s law enforcement branch came into excistance the same year Woodrow sold the US finances out from under the Treasury over to the global fiat ponzi bankers..
        So whats your point?
        FDR had all the peoples gold turned over to the regional federal reserve banks as well to strip them of any real assets for fiat crack..

    • alanstorm

      You might want to try a new concept – coherent thought. What you posted is not an example.

      “Actual new government spending signed into law increased more under Bush than Obama.” Please explain then why the debt is several trillion larger, then. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

      “revolutionary change are you kidding me, a health care bill that leaves insurance in the private sector…” Technical private ownership with strong government control – almost like…fascisim. Hmmm.

      “So I take it Reagan was. Fascist to since he is charismatic.” Confusing cause and effect? You must be a liberal.

      “give me a break states set their own standards and will continue to under common core.” Not grasping that word “common”, huh? I know, it’s complex and all that.

      “There is no Hitler youth in for Obama in America.” What do you call his endless campaign organization, which, instead of disbanding now that he can’t run in a (legal) presidential election, has morphed into “Action for (sic) America”? (Action Against America would be a better name).

      How do we lose elections to people with reasoning skills this bad?

      • Guest

        1 because we had a recession, which causes lower tax revenues and causes more entitlement spending already in law before Obama and because the baby boomers are retiring. Obama didn’t invent the system and 70% of government spending is non discretionary. Bush SIgned with a capital S, more spending into law than Obama.
        2. Like I said Republican idea till the democrats decided to use it. Go back to the mid nineties and see what Republicans and the Heritage foundation were saying about it then.
        3. A charismatic leader can push many ideas including Conservative ideas. This is a straw man argument being made in the initial post.
        4. It is called common core because subjects such as math, writing, and reading are to be taught across all subject areas. States can choose to write there own standards or join one of several large consortiums that share standards to qualify for Race to the Top. Maybe you should do some research before you spout off about things you don’t understand.
        5. Since he campaigns that means there is a Hitler youth form Obama. All presidents do this from Reagan’s morning in America messages to the American people to FDRs Fireside Chats. Maybe we should reform campaigning in America if we want to fix this problem. Although I’m sure that would be a socialism or some kind of conspiracy according to you.

        How are Republicans going to win anymore elections elections by becoming the party that panders to arrogant ignorance?

  • $8194357

    This aint your daddy’s America anymore!

    Barry Soreto

    Column: The Passing Scene
    By: Dennis M. Patrick
    Date: January 25, 2013

    Today’s political scene is not the traditional tussle between
    Democrats and Republicans. Those days are gone. Today we witness a
    struggle between the America we once knew and a new transformed society
    of “communitarianism,” a term coined by self-proclaimed communist
    Anthony Van Jones, President Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar. When used
    to describe Obama’s speech, “communitarianism” does not carry the
    baggage as do terms like communism and socialism.
    Obama’s inaugural argument is collectivist at heart designed to
    tear down our old beliefs of limited government as we’ve known it.
    Quoting Obama: “Being true to our founding documents does not require us
    to agree on every contour of life; it does not mean we will all define
    liberty in exactly the same way.” This stands on its head the
    Declaration of Independence that he earlier quoted.
    The founders disagreed on many things, but they understood and
    agreed on the meaning of liberty. It meant to live as an individual
    without central government planning. It meant respect for property
    rights, economic opportunity and religious freedom. The founders
    certainly did not understand liberty to be some form of
    “communitarianism” as outlined by Obama.
    During his first campaign, Obama promised to usher in a new age of
    liberalism. Specifically, he promised to “…fundamentally transform
    America.” Beginning with his second inauguration, knowing he would never
    again face American voters, the transformation proceeded.
    In his January 21, 2013, inaugural address
    (http://www.npr.org/2013/01/21/) Obama set the tone by redefining
    “liberty,” “freedom” and “tyranny.” In doing so, he advanced his goal of
    radically transforming America.
    Obama easily reversed the meanings of words defining our founding
    principles because he speaks to an already polarized nation. In true
    Alinskyite fashion Obama twisted America’s founding principles to
    represent collectivist central planning, heavy economic regulation and
    broadening of the welfare state. In other words, he equated America’s
    “founding creed” with leftist principles.
    Ben Shapiro with Breitbart News shared some succinct observations
    of Obama’s speech. “They [our founders] gave to us a Republic, a
    government of, and by, and for the people, entrusting each generation to
    keep safe our founding creed. After the eradication of slavery “…we
    learned that no union founded on the principles of liberty and equality
    could survive half-slave and half-free. We made ourselves anew, and
    vowed to move forward together.
    “Together, we determine that a modern economy requires railroads
    and highways to speed travel and commerce; schools and colleges to train
    our workers.
    “Together, we discovered that a free market only thrives when there
    are rules to ensure competition and fair play.
    “Together, we resolved that a great nation must care for the
    vulnerable, and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.
    Obama moved directly to his point. Liberty is not timeless. Times
    change and so must we. “…[F]idelity to our founding principles
    requires new responses to new challenges…preserving our individual
    freedoms ultimately requires collective action.” Individual freedom
    receives new meaning through regulation and redistribution. Equating
    freedom with government control is as perverse as it gets.
    Obama has never approved of our system of government. A year ago he
    stated “[I]t turns out our Founders designed a system that makes it more
    difficult to bring about change that I would like sometimes.”
    By all indications Obama intends to carry out his agenda separate
    from congress and the courts. “Fast and Furious” gun running by the
    Justice Department is one example. Gun control through executive actions
    is another. This past week the District of Columbia federal appeals
    court ruled Obama’s three National Labor Relations Board “recess”
    appointees from last year were unconstitutional. That could nullify 300
    of the NLRB decisions. But who will enforce the court’s ruling? Eric
    Holder’s Justice Department under Obama’s guidance?
    To accomplish his goals Obama still has his 32 czars, unconfirmed
    by the Senate, carrying out his bidding. Every federal agency is at
    Obama’s disposal to implement his vision without waiting for congress.
    He can use the Federal Communications Commission to restrict radio and
    TV content. He can use the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate
    energy and manufacturing. He can use the Consumer Financial Protection
    Bureau to thwart free enterprise. He can use the Justice Department to
    intimidate the election process and, above all, he can use the IRS to
    harass anyone or any business resisting implementation of his vision for
    The US Constitution was written with the understanding that human
    nature does not change. People are neither angels nor animals and they
    certainly are not perfectible. People are capable of good or evil and
    must be checked against each other.
    Today’s progressive liberals assume mankind’s behavior can be
    molded, changed and perfected. It is government’s role to change
    behavior and usher in utopia. Limited government has no future.
    As Shapiro points out, if liberty is defined in Obama’s terms,
    there is nothing left to talk about. My liberty is your tyranny, and
    visa versa.

  • SusanBeehler

    The first trait you list, I think politicians do this quite often and don’t think of it as being fascist; whatever makes their case they use. Perfect example is this video, showing Obama as the elitist Similarity #1: Creating an “us-and-them” class system.


  • $8194357

    In light of the “pathway to citizenship” for the newest 11 million who chose to break
    our laws…How long can a rule of law nation survive when the Federal Government destroys those laws for marxist international social justice “feel good” deconstruction
    of said country’s laws?
    We “used to be” a Constitutional Republic.
    A nation of “equality under those laws”..
    Now a “dual citizen poser” shreads that Constitution and all of DC applauds it.
    Sad days ahead for the death pangs of a once soverign nation.
    But for the greater international good (elitist olagarch’s benifit)
    we march “FORWARD” to our nations funeral fire.


    Mosqueing the Public School:
    Muslim High School Students Demand Prayer
    Accommodations in Md Public School

    Imposing Islam on the public square, and in this case, the public school. This is an Islamic pattern to impose sharia, Islamic supremacism on the infidel. I write about it extensively in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.
    Muslim students in the Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD, a public school, want Muslim prayer space for congregational prayer (they already get individual Muslim prayer time).


  • Ghent

    Abortion is highly racially disparate, making it seem like a method of liberocrats selecting against races that they still find undesirable, since their failure in the Civil War and civil rights movements :/