Komen Foundation Didn’t Entirely Cave To Planned Parenthood

The Susan G. Komen Foundation (the founders of the pink ribbon campaign against breast cancer) caused a stir recently when they announced that they would no longer accept grant applications from explicitly political pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood. Ostensibly the reason was because Planned Parenthood is currently under congressional investigation, but even beyond that it’s a move that makes sense for the Komen Foundation.

After all, the Komen Foundation is a-political and about as non-controversial as you can get. Everybody wants to cure breast cancer, because everybody loves boobies. Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, is one of the most controversial groups in the nation. The Komen Foundation could only stand to be hurt from their association with the abortion mill operators, and Planned Parenthood wasn’t exactly doing anything to help fight breast cancer anyway.

But after the Komen Foundation made its decision, Planned Parenthood rallied the pro-abortion crowd for a full-on political assault, and today the Komen foundation announced that they were reversing their decision.

Some are saying that this means the Komen Foundation will continue to fund Planned Parenthood (I still can’t figure out why they were funding the group to begin with), but that’s not entirely accurate. The Komen Foundation will continue to consider grant applications from Planned Parenthood.

The group is reserving the right to say no to those applications. And at this point, after the way Planned Parenthood went on the war path, why would they give the group any money?

The Komen Foundation is better off limiting their exposure to Planned Parenthood, and focusing their resources on groups that are actually doing something about breast cancer.

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  • Game

    I know those on the far right like to pretend that all Planned Parenthood does is provide abortions, but they do way more than that. (in fact, in North Dakota Planned Parenthood does not provide any abortions).

    They mostly provide women’s health, and part of that is breast cancer prevention. I am as pro-life as anybody out there,  and to take away funding for an organization that provides a life saving treatment to women is not a pro-life stance.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Actually, the idea that Planned Parenthood is anything other than an abortion giant is false.  The circulate a statistic claiming that only 3% of what they do is abortions.

      That’s because they’re not counting dollar figures, they’re counting services provided, as if handing someone a condom were the same as performing an abortion.

      This is a highly political organization that was founded to promote eugenics, not women’s health.

      • Game

        Planned Parenthood provides nearly 770,000 Pap tests and nearly 750,000 breast exams each year, critical services in detecting cancer. They also provides more than four million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

        That is many, many times more people served than folks they serve for abortions.

        That is all done to promote women’s heath. To come out against those things is not a position of a pro-life person, it is either a purely political stance or it is misogyny. You decide.

        I am all for ended abortion, however, we don’t get there by attacking women’s health.

        • Hal712

          “serve for abortions”

          By your rational, Hitler was a servant too.  You are sick.

    • 2hotel9

      That is all they do, stupid f*ck, and you know it.

  • SigFan

    Save the boobies – kill the babies.  The latest rallying cry of the anti-life crowd.

  • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

    Komen Foundation Didn’t Entirely Cave To Planned Parenthood

    In other words, they caved.

  • Dakotacyr

    yup and if they live by their “new policies” then Penn state is out as well and maybe many others.

  • WOOF

    Komen has done great work for Planned Parenthood.

    Komen will be lucky to survive at half its strength.
    It will lose its corporate sponsors and celebrity endorsers.
    Someone will be disemboweled with a pink sword.

  • WOOF

    A totally stupid, right wing, political act.

    “2010: Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Karen Handel runs for governor on a platform of defunding Planned Parenthood.

    2011: Republican politico and anti-choice activist Handel is hired by Susan G. Komen for the Cure

    2012: Komen stops funding Planned Parenthood’s breast exams “

  • WOOF

    Ari Fleisher, ( GW Bush’s “watch what you say”, Press Secretary) is the man who found
    Karen Handel, (abortion warrior), for the Komen Foundation.

    Tell me again how ” the Komen Foundation is a-political and about as non-controversial as you can get.”


  • Dakotabound

    Everybody wants to cure breast cancer, because everybody loves boobies. ”

    Unnecessarily flippant, and really takes away from your message.

    Breast cancer can be a horrible death, and surviving it can mean both physical and emotional disfigurement. And it’s not just a women’s issue either — men get breast cancer. I know a man who died from it.

    That’s like supporting prostate cancer checks because it’s all about the wee wee.

  • 2hotel9

    Never give donations to any “charity” that finances killing babies. Period. Full stop.

  • Edmund Jenks

    The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and its outreach funding efforts will now continue to donate money to an organization that has as its primary function … is to stop life, through abortion, before it starts – no female life, no breast cancer – DONE!

    • Dakotacyr

      once again, overwrought.  Their primary purpose is not to end life though all pro-life people are brainwashed to believe that.  I love how all the men on here can talk when it isn’t their life at stake

      I have a great idea out there for all the men who want to stop abortions. Keep it in your pants, you are as responsible for the  issue of abortion and take none of the responsibility. As long as you don’t have to do anything then talk is cheap. It is easy to make it the women’s sole  responsibility.

      • Bt

        Oh, so blame it all on the men? Maybe the women who don’t want to get pregnant should wear chastity belts (sarcasm). That would fix the problem…

      • 2hotel9

        You lie, duhkotacryer, as you always do. PP does zero cancer screening, no mammograms, no PAP smears, no cervical cancer checks, no cancer checks, period. They will give you a list of places to go for these things and explain that you have to pay for them yourself because PP does not do them OR pay for you to get them done at a real doctor’s office. Period. Full stop.

        Now, screech and spew more of your sh*t and lies. That is all you ever do.