Kevin Cramer Did A Funny Thing Yesterday


Throughout this election cycle we’ve heard over and over again from Democrats how Public Service Commissioners Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer (the latter the Republican House candidate facing Democrat Pam Gulleson) have acted unethically in taking contributions from people working in the industries the PSC regulates. They allege that these contributions are about buying influence.

In fact, during yesterday’s House debate, Gulleson’s communications staffer Hillary Price sent out this tweet accusing Cramer of using his PSC office to “fill campaign coffers.”

Something strange happened during that debate, though, which Democrats are probably anxious to overlook. You see, one of the industries Cramer is supposedly beholden to because of these campaign contributions is the wind industry. “Not only are these contributions improper and unethical, they may well be illegal, and even criminal,” said Democrat PSC candidate Brad Crabtree in a press release detailing thousands of dollars in contributions from wind industry players like Next Era Energy and Florida Power and Light.

But during the debate, Kevin Cramer came out against wind power subsidies. “We have a $16 trillion debt,” Cramer told the debate audience. “Let’s see if the free market supports it.” Later, he asked “If wind power is doing so well, why can’t it live without a subsidy?”

Ironically enough, Democrats were quick to lash out against Cramer for his principled stand on wind power energy, meaning that even as our friends on the left accuse Cramer of being in the pocket of wind energy they’re also bashing him for not supporting cushy subsidies for the industry as well.

Not only is Cramer clearly not the bought-and-paid-for politician Democrats are making him out to be, but they look a little silly to boot.

Here’s audio of the debate in case you missed it:

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  • Albert Lickenspittle

    Rob, when do we get to write about the Clinton speech? He singed the Republicans greedy asses last night and exposed most of the lies you promote. Why don’t you run a little video of Clinton blasting the greed dogs?

    • toomuchguvmint

      The former president with a sorry record of serial adultery and of lying and of impeachment is given a place of honor by the most morally bankrupt political party.

      • Eat This

        I’ll bet you love Newt though, huh?

        • Gern Blasnton

          Why? Was he accused of rape or ever impeached or ever lost his professional license? Or maybe he received sexual favors in his office from a young subordinate who wasn’t his wife?

        • sbark

          Newt got flushed…………….Clinton is a Dem’cat Icon, even after being impeached, selling Missle guideance tech to Red China ……
          The Dem’cats idolize a treasonous pervert.

    • Captornado

      Hi Emil. Still sniffing glue I see.

    • John Lindquist

      Oh yes, a person who engaged in crony capitalism and picked winners and losers in his terms as governer and president extolling the virtues of Captain Solyndra while blasting people who have earned it on their own and want the government to get out of their back pockets…lots of credibility there! To get you back to the subject at hand, Cramer said that there should NOT be subsidies for wind, and that the market should decide. Given the state of our federal government’s finances, how can you possibly call that greedy?

    • Eat This

      Didn’t you find it interesting how Clinton praised bipartisanship, welfare reform and passing budgets, things Obama does not value?

      I thought Clinton’s speech was a coded message to not vote for a socialist. The left likes codes, so they’ll probably figure it out.

      • Bat One

        The left likes codes, so they’ll probably figure it out.

        Not likely! As Albert/Emil so ably demonstrates they ain’t that smart.

    • Thresherman

      Hey Emil, how about you address the topic at hand for a change instead of distracting from it right away? Oh that’s right, you are so well informed on all matters that straying even slightly from the daily Democratic talking points leaves you gasping like beached bullhead.

    • Spartacus

      You can write all you want about Clinton’s speech. Blogger & WordPress both allow you to create your own blog and it’s free. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

    • philgray

      Hey guys LOOK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ITS EMIL>
      Changes his name, but same old raghead liberal lies i see..
      Some things never change

  • HideFromObama

    About time a politician gets honest about the Wind Tax Credit. It just can’t compete without it!

  • Willis Forster

    It is easy to take cheap shots at republicans because of the ever present double standard. They are proud of their double standards, it means they have twice as many standards as the republicans and they can say it is untrue that they have no standards.

  • OldConserv

    Yesterday, both Gulleson and Cramer were interviewed on KFYR by Steve Bakken. Gulleson tried to make that case that we need subsidized wind in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. First question that popped in my mind was how in the world does she think that wind replaces oil. Can a windmill propel her car? Second thought was that if she and her party would just allow more domestic drilling, we wouldn’t need all that foreign oil.