Kerry’s Dishonor

Kerry POW MIA grave

According to the US Department of State, the honorific “The Honorable” is the appropriate formal manner of addressing a cabinet officer, particularly the nation’s chief diplomat, the Secretary of State. In the case of Secretary-designate John F. Kerry, the term “honorable“ is anything but appropriate.

This is not about Kerry’s brief – very brief – tour of duty in Vietnam. It is not about his discharge from the Navy. Nor is it about his less than honorable activities when he returned to the US. And it is not about the medals he threw over the White House fence (they were his own!) Instead this is about his activities as a US Senator and chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs. And the Americans still held captive who he shamelessly abandoned to their captors. From the February 17, 2004 edition of The Village Voice, hardly a rightwing rag.

Senator John Kerry, a decorated battle veteran, was courageous as a navy lieutenant in the Vietnam War. But he was not so courageous more than two decades later, when he covered up voluminous evidence that a significant number of live American prisoners—perhaps hundreds—were never acknowledged or returned after the war-ending treaty was signed in January 1973.

The Massachusetts senator, now seeking the presidency, carried out this subterfuge a little over a decade ago— shredding documents, suppressing testimony, and sanitizing the committee’s final report—when he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on P.O.W./ M.I.A. Affair

Over the years, an abundance of evidence had come to light that the North Vietnamese, while returning 591 U.S. prisoners of war after the treaty signing, had held back many others as future bargaining chips for the $4 billion or more in war reparations that the Nixon administration had pledged…

The stated purpose of the special Senate committee—which convened in mid 1991 and concluded in January 1993—was to investigate the evidence about prisoners who were never returned and find out what happened to the missing men. Committee chair Kerry’s larger and different goal, though never stated publicly, emerged over time: He wanted to clear a path to normalization of relations with Hanoi.

Read the whole thing.

The full committee report, and transcripts of the committee hearings regarding POWs/MIAs can be found here. The Executive Summary of the Report can be found here.

More information on the captured Americans abandoned in Laos, including a list of names and source materials is here.

John Kerry’s whitewashing of the Vietnam POW/MIAs issue, in effect leaving those men in Vietnamese and Pathet Lao captivity as if they never existed, may just be the most cowardly and dishonorable thing he has ever done, which is certainly saying something. And it is one of the principle reasons that so many of us Vietnam veterans opposed his 2004 bid for the White House. On July 4th of that year, he was chased away from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by former Green Beret, Rolling Thunder co-founder, and POW/MIA activist Ted Sampley. Today Senate Republicans announced that there is growing consensus to hold up Kerry’s Secretary of State confirmation until the Obama regime comes clean on Benghazi. Kerry doesn’t deserve even that consideration.

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  • $16179444

    another liberal, another disgrace.

  • Roy_Bean

    All cleaned up “Like it never even happened”.

    • $8194357

      Enviromentaly safe if your a Democrat…

  • Neiman

    He is a traitor to his country, a man without any honor, a man without any human decency.

    • $16179444

      Obama was molded into this as well

      • $8194357

        Made for TV mass consumption role players to the elitist global agendas is what we have had for quite some time now on both
        sides of the aisle, IMO…

    • yy4u2

      Without seeing the title to this story, your comment would be a toss up of many left wing icons.

  • JW-American

    Man on this appointment Obummer pokes the right in so many ways, he must have a hard time hitting golf balls in Hawaii after thinking about this route. Unfortunately McCain, is so devoted to protecting a fellow Senator, that non of this will come up at the hearings.

    Rubber stamp time… Hillary “I dont Recall” Clinton skates, Kerry gets to push Nuke disarmament and Obummer Smiles and Smiles and Smiles as his grand plan all comes together just like Soros and crew drew it up.

    think about it, he chose someone that didnt pay his taxes to treasury someone that hates petroleum to sec. of Energy, might as well pick someone that hates our military to set the policy that sends them into harms way, or shackles them with insane rules.

    • Bat One

      Kerry won’t be setting policy. He will be even more of a figurehead and ceremonial rubber stamp than Hillary has been. The real policy center will continue to be the Obama White House with Susan Rice as (unconfirmed) National Security Advisor. There is no way that any president, even Obama, would trust any serious policy decisions to John “I voted for it before I voted against it” Kerry.

      • Proof

        I think so, too. If Lurch were setting policy, it would be a scary proposition.

        • $8194357

          Lurch is a ‘poser’.
          Always has been and always will be
          fake and phoney…..

          • Proof

            Of all of the gigolos in Congress, he’s certainly one of them!

        • two_amber_lamps
          • twoamberlampspsa

            In addition to the warning lights located in her username, this sixth public service announcement is to underscore the dangers of being a vile c@#nt like two_amber_lamps. Before making mean-spited, worthless posts such as the above, please reflect on two_amber_lamp’s trajectory toward a self-inflicted gunshot wound and funeral with none in attendance. While it is too late for two_amber_lamps, who will undoubtedly sit online continuing to mistakenly believe her virulent posts validate her life in meaningful way, but hopefully others can avoid such a pathetic life.

          • LenYol

            Your hatred of women, and preference for men is easily recognized.

          • Neiman

            You faggots have been doing that since the Sixties, anyone opposes your homosexuality and your desire to marry another guy and you accuse them of being gay. It is an old pattern wherein you hope to silence all opposition, because you gays are cheap thugs, you know you are doing evil and rage at anyone that dares speak God’s Word against you.

            It won’t work there sister, we know how you Nancy’s operate.

          • two_amber_lamps

            Whoah there Neiman… twoamberlampspsa (LenYol’s responding to) is the troll aka “Guest”. I think he’s on our side in this one… :)

          • Neiman

            If in haste I misunderstood, I most sincerely apologize. But it is a reply to YOU and accuses you of hatred of women and having a sexual preference for men.

          • LenYol

            As typical of you lately, you’re wrong.

          • Neiman

            Well now I am glad I made the mistake, all that name calling and rudeness. Can I take back the apology?

          • LenYol

            You putz! What makes you think I’m a faggot, or is it just wishful thinking?

          • Proof

            “The old ones, yes! The ones who made us!”

    • $8194357

      (Obummer Smiles and Smiles and Smiles as his grand plan all comes together just like Soros and crew drew it up.)
      Now your catching on……
      Olagarchy of elitist international soviet style steering committees
      running a global agenda from behind the UN..
      UN AGENDA 21
      The whole Arab Spring middle east has been on target as “a goal” to this agenda
      and “once again” the dhimmi American taxpayer gets to foot the bill…Jizya….
      DC sold the farm under Woodrow Wilson to the international banking community in 1913 as they went corperate law and usurpt the Common Constitutional Law from the people..
      and the new owners of the debt are calling the shots for America..
      Not the puppets/water boys and girls in DC…
      What a small small international olagarchy world we have had every since.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Dishonor and liberalism go hand in hand. Ironically, 80% of obama’s voters don’t even know who Kerry is and frankly don’t care. They have their X-factor president and he’s “cool”. We are living in the “stupid” era. Get used to it.

    • Bat One

      That 80% don’t know who Obama is either… nor do they care!

      • $8194357

        Obama is a hand picked educated leftist third world poser to the
        globalist internationsalist elitists who run the dog and pony show from behind the UN….Agenda 21 has been in play since the early 90’s and coming to a head fast….Fiat debt currency debauchery has been in place since 1913 and will be one of the primary tools used to bring America down and submit her….
        A nation with over 50% indoctrinated know it all know nothings will secure the bought and paid for voting process until the facist don’t need them anymore and then they will be some of the first to go under the buss after the resistance of the Old Gaurd is dealt with..Just history repeteing itself to a new generation of Lenins useful idiots….

      • silverstreak

        Sure they know…He’s Santa Claus!
        As long as he is giving them free stuff,they are happy.

        • $8194357

          satan clause

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Jindal: “We need to stop being the stupid party”.

  • mikemc1970

    Dishonor and disgrace are resume builders for Democrats.

  • yy4u2

    Great post, Bat.

    • Bat One


  • banjo kid

    Do not expect any thing resembling the truth to come from Washington, they are to busy lining their pockets for a rainy day . The whole crisis is to cover up the fact they do not want to pay people what they paid in to SS. We have no honorable men in both houses and the white house is full of jihadists and followers of Islam. Don’t believe it, read the list of people that visited the white house last year and the year before. If it is not Islam it is communist that are visiting and in some cases hold positions as Czars .

  • Hal109

    But Kerry fits right in with the Obama Administration.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      The conservatives chose Kerry, namely; John McCain.

      • Bat One

        Even for a bottom-dweller like you, that’s an incredibly stupid comment! In the first place, there is no comparison between the records and activities of the two men. And of course conservatives chose neither of them.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          It’s not surprising in the least that you would be this uninformed. At least two conservatives that I know of have recommended or suggested John Kerry for the role, over Rice. But what would you know about facts?

          • Proof

            “Kerry…over Rice”? How gauche! I would have suggested some fava beans and a nice chianti!

          • Neiman

            Remind me to never have dinner at your house, that menu could make me a vegetarian.

          • Bat One

            It’s not surprising that you offer no proof of what you’ve asserted. But its not as though those of us on/in The Right regard John McCain as a conservative either. Nor do those of us with a more than modest familiarity with the English language believe that the verbs “to recommend” and “to suggest” have the same meaning as “to choose.” But what would you know about the correct use of the English language, eh?

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            I don’t need to provide “proof” of what’s commonly known. Both McCain and Graham have endorsed John Kerry.

          • Bat One

            I don’t need to provide “proof” of what’s commonly known.

            Just like I don’t need to provide “proof” of what a hopelessly irrelevant little turd you are.

  • Stuart

    I can believe after all the Swift Boat Navy officers revealed , and the revelation concerning the lies Kerry told at the Winter Soldier Investigations laid out clearly in STOLEN VALOR by BURKETT, ALONG with the Revelation that John Kerry’s own brother broke into Kerry’s political opponents office and was caught, that we would even think this man has any honor or substantive integrity.

  • fredlave

    Long story short, Kerry is a slug, a troll.

  • Snarkie

    OMG. It’s a conspiracy. Someone call Alex Jones. Hand me my tin foil hat.

  • Joel Garcia

    I understand that Kerry’s picture occupies a very prominent place in the
    Hanoi Heroes Museum. Also, the US had an economic embargo against Vietnam after the war. The condition for removing the embargo was for Vietnam to account for all the POWs and MIAs still missing.
    Kerry “volunteered’ to chair the Select Committee on POW/MIAs, but
    he had ulterior motives for doing so. When Kerry was elected to the senate, he deposited his money (about $250 million) into a blind trust managed by his cousin with last name Forbes (I think his first name was Stuart). Forbes deposited most of the money in his company, an international real estate and development/construction company. Forbes, in violation of the economic embargo, opened a company in Singapore, and started receiving contracts from Vietnam to rebuild some damaged harbors. During the hearings, several people testified to seeing groups of POWs in Cambodia, Laos, and N. Vietnam. When Kerry turned in his report, he erased all references to the sightings and stated that POWs had been accounted for. Clinton then lifted the embargo. Kerry’s reward? The Forbes firm got a $2 billion contract to rebuild war damaged structures. He is nothing but a male Jane Fonda.

    • Bat One

      Any honest, nonpartisan assessment of John Kerry’s’ activities from the day he returned to the US from Vietnam could only conclude the he is a liar, a self-serving coward, and a traitor who ought to have spent the past 35 years in a federal penitentiary.