Kanye West Is A Racist Idiot

He called the President of the United States racist, but then turns around and says something like this:

Hip-hop star KANYE WEST is advising his white counterparts that they can only use certain slang terms when they’re out of style for black people.
The JESUS WALKS rapper – who recently charged that US President GEORGE W BUSH “doesn’t care” about African Americans – believes that certain slang words should only be able to cross racial barriers when they’re no longer in style for black people.
He says, “I think white people are allowed to say ‘bling’. They are allowed to say old-school black slang, like ‘hottie’ and ‘homie’.
“Actually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old. If you say a slang word too early, it’s like you’re trying to be black. So as long as the slang is a little played out, you’re all good.”

Yeah, maybe he’s joking. But still, what if David Duke said something similar about blacks? Would we be laughing then?
Heck, it wouldn’t even have to be David Duke. What if I said that blacks shoudn’t be allowed to listen to country music until its at least a year old because otherwise it would make it seems as though they’re trying to be white. Would I not be rightfully castigated as a racist idiot for a remark like that?
Sure I would, but people like Mr. West get let off the hook for that kind of stupidity.
Looks like not everyone likes what Mr. West has to say.
I’ve got some advice for him: Shut up and sing. Or rap. Or whatever it is you do.

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  • Sol Bellow

    Interesting. I don’t exactly see the connection since David Duke’s “race” experienced no such a history of enslavement or “race-based” oppression in this country. What Kanye, and clearly you, author of this blog, don’t understand is that theories about race and racial differences are mythological precepts, baring no truth in fact, and that there is fundamentally no difference between one race and another aside from than their cultural relations to power that were formed by prejudices based exclusively on visual signs such a skin color only so that the groups in power could turn a profit. This is just another example of a flawed discourse that wants to go back in time as we press further and further toward the new technological-driven intellectual dark-age.

    • Rastus Chickenfingers

      Wash your mouth out with soap and sit down, cracker ass cracker.

      • Johnzelt2

        Ok….what makes you better than this racist guy above you now? Have some class man. 

    • Johnzelt2

      I am sorry…modern blacks know no more oppression than any other race in this country. The notion is insulting. You are right about saying that we are all the same. But Kanye West doesn’t have a free pass to be a jack ass because he is black. Kanye West has never been enslaved, he doesn’t know that pain, don’t act like he does. 

  • Dave

    That’s cute. I remember -my- first Anthropology 101 class freshman year of college.

  • Roccaware

    You ever heard of a full-stop? lol. Very pompous.

  • Kkk

    Kanye West is an idiot. Watching this moron’s interview with Matt Lauer was hilarious. He attempted to express remorse without accepting responsibility for his actions. Typical African American behavior. He was clearly outmatched by Matt Lauer’s intellect. Good for George W. Bush for pushing back. At one point, Kanye said he wanted time to express it perfectly because everything he says makes headlines – he’s had what, 4 years to figure out how he was going to do that? Moron. I hope this guy finally has a mental breakdown so we don’t have to listen to his self absorbed, illogical bullshit anymore.

  • 34e

    @kkk…..”typical african american behavior”? well your screenname says is all……your a complete moron and no better then kanye west. both of you two idiots deserve eachother.

  • 54

    Um, this post is fucking stupid.

    You know why white people can’t say words like “homie”? Because we’d sound ridiculous. We’d sound like we were trying to be black because of the inevitable associations that word brings with it. These are not rules he’s laying out, they’re observations. And they’re true.

  • Rastus Chickenfingers

    Nah, you wrong homie. i be sittin around the flibbity flobbity floo sayin homie all the time and shit.

  • [email protected]

    Such nonsense.  What if white people were to say that Black people were not allowed to use American Standard English because then they’re trying to be white.

    • awfulorv

      Have you forgotten the rule which prohibits Black folks from pronouncing ASK properly? I hear tell the fine for violating that one is no KFC for six months.

  • Kbrown

    Kanye West, racist twat. His attempt at being an Idealogical black figure and hint towards a revolution/holocaust where the world be dominated by black people.

    I strongly believe in integration but imbeciles like this resist it for a brief glory in their own backward circle.

  • Cantbe1wayonly

    To say one group of people should not use slang because they are white is a racist statement. Is inner city slang a prime definiation of black culture? What defines being African American or black? If you speak well and don’t dress like a thug are you a sell-out?

  • http://samchappelle.wordpress.com Sgchappelle

    I love this blog, and I love this post.  It’s so true, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I’d also like to remind everyone that Kanye West is from Oak park, Illinois.  Not Chicago – one of the wealthiest and safest suburbs of Chicago with highly-ranked public schools. 

    • Tina

      so, he is a poser?  go figure!

  • Landers Al


  • yahouser

    Great !!! We can stop saying slang and you can stop using whiteys English until it goes out of style
    Frickin spearchucker

  • T-J

    So by this rule, black people must not use white english words, for fear of attempting to sound white. Ridiculous. Racism on either side is wrong. Banging on about the slave trade is equally ridiculous. The Nazi’s killed and tortured unknown quantities of people much more recently, yet we don’t hold such contempt, which would be much more understandable considering the relative recentness of the crimes, for the germans. People have to learn to let things go. People have done terrible things to one another since the beginning of time, all races and all nationalities are to blame. And they’re all MEN. We could get started on a sexism argument too if we wanted to. We can always find something to fight over, it’s the beautifully destructive human attribute.

  • Ema

    you don’t see mp4 are selling over the top duh

  • Emmaqueen28

    never mind i say! umm you people need to come to jesus