It’s Come To This: CNN Host John King Apologizes For Guest Using The Term “Crosshairs”

During a segment about the Chicago mayoral race political commentator Andy Shaw used the term “in the crosshairs” to describe one of the candidates. As the segment concluded, host John King apologized for the use of the term saying “we’re trying to get away from that kind of language.



Before we go to break, I want to make a quick point. We were having a discussion about the Chicago mayoral race. My friend Andy Shaw used the term ‘in the crosshairs’ in talking about the candidates. We’re trying, we’re trying to get away from that language. Andy is a good friend, he’s covered politics for a long time, but we’re trying to get away from that kind of language.

Metaphors are the new hate speech, I guess.

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  • Tony B

    It’s too bad that Crossfire isn’t still on… THAT would be funny to watch these idiots apologize for that.

    • Rob


  • Neiman

    Well as far as I’m concerned that puts John King in the Crosshairs.

    This is getting childish! Grow a pair King!

    We cannot allow the Left to define what is acceptable language, if they don’t like plain talk and common phrases to describe non-violent actions – then that is just so much kaka doodoo popoo on those doodooheads.

  • Mountainmouth

    I think harsh words should be spelled out – that way fewer Dems/Libs will know to be offended

  • Spartacus

    Didn’t CNN used to have a daily show by the, or similar name? This is faux news. Fox news is real news, that’s why even liberals can’t miss a gripping moment of Fox!

    *oops! I was thinking of “cross fire”. Nothing wrong with that though, Rethuglican!!111eleventy!

  • Guest


    Posting someone elses material w/o credit is called plagerism and you do it all the time.


    Either do your own work or give people credit when you use theirs. Fair is fair.

    • Goon

      How is that Plagerism, he posted the video and said it was from CNN he doesn’t have to cite Real Clear Politics… Holy Cow!!!

    • Rob

      It’s a clip from CNN for crying out loud.

      Give me a break.

      • Guest

        RCP clipped it and you copied it, you used their transcription and called it your own. Yes, that IS plagerism. You have a horrible rep among other bloggers for doing this.

        • Letsgo


          I sure hope you come up with something that makes sense at some point. It is a CNN clip and everyone knows it. We don’t care if the clip went through 5 websites, it’s a CNN clip.

          Do you have something substantive to add?

        • Bat One

          I don’t see where Rob called anything his own. But while we’re on the subject… your subject actually, do you have documentation to support your claim that Rob has “…a horrible reputation among other bloggers…” or is that simply churlish hyperbole?

        • Rob

          The clip is CNN content, the transcript are the words actually spoken by the CNN host.

          I don’t think anyone other than CNN can claim that content as their own, and in this context it’s certainly fair use.

          This clip and that quote appeared on websites all over the internet. Give it a rest, pal.

    • banjo kid

      I am thinking that all the items of interest is taken from daily news articles or blogs but I have never seen any one claim the Rob was plagiarizing, so what gives with that ? an explanation would be in order .

      • mikemc1970

        This is simply one of Hannitized trolling techniques, using a sock puppet to attack. If it were an actual person, rather than a troll persona, they wouldn’t have posted this anonymously.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Stop the insanity. When did this nation become such PC FAGS?

    • $8194357

      After the sensitvity training seminars became mandatory for all.

  • SigFan

    While I am not prone to using foul language often, this PC nonsense is just about to send me off into a Tourette’s episode of epic proportions. We have let the left turn this country into a bunch of metro-sexual girly men, afraid to use the language that our predecessors used for hundreds of years. Totally ridiculous and freaking disgusting. Makes me want to run around the office yelling “crosshairs”, “bullseye”, “target” and all the other verboten words just to see who gets nervous.

  • Bat One

    Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker notes that Byron York has an OpEd in the Washington Examiner in which he details seven instances in the past month in which CNN talking heads have used the phrase “in the crosshairs”, including the observation that Sarah Palin was “in the crosshairs of big time Hollywood producer, Aaron Sorkin.” and that Michelle Bachman was “in the crosshairs of Democrats.”

    Liberals, including those on CNN are the very definition of hypocrisy.

    Byron York’s article:

    • flamemeister

      Is there a diagnostic category for hypocrisy that reaches psychotic levels?

  • Independent Conservative

    When is anyone on CNN going to apologize for even being on the air?

    • Mountainmouth

      Apologize – not a chance

      With their ratings, they are in line for a bailout from the administration

    • flamemeister

      When are their parents going to apologize for their existence?