Is It A War On Women To Say A Pretty Lady Is Pretty?


I’m not a football fan at all, so I mostly missed the controversy over ESPN commentator Brent Musburger praising the beauty of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb. Ms. Webb is also Ms. Alabama, and is certainly quite striking.

Here’s the video if you missed it:

Apparently saying a lady is beautiful, and that her fella is a lucky guy, is quite controversial these days:

“It’s extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on an individual’s looks,” said Sue Carter, a professor of journalism at Michigan State. “In this instance, the appearance of the quarterback’s girlfriend had no bearing on the outcome of the game. It’s a major personal violation, and it’s so retrograde that it’s embarrassing. I think there’s a generational issue, but it’s incumbent on people practicing in these eras to keep up and this is not a norm.”

ESPN planned in advance to mention that Webb, an Auburn graduate, is dating McCarron. But when Musburger’s gushing over her went too far, some staffers in the production truck at the stadium “cringed.” Soon after, John Wildhack, ESPN’s executive vice president of production, told Musburger through the announcer’s earpiece that he had to “move on,” according to a person briefed on the conversation.

The network apologized for Musburger’s comments Tuesday.

What a bunch of touchy, prudish a-holes we’ve become.

I don’t see anything wrong in what Musburger said, and apparently Ms. Webb’s parents agree.

He saw a lovely lady in the crowd. He praised her beauty, and said her boyfriend is a lucky guy.

But we do so love being outraged, don’t we?

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  • ‘Tom Crawford

    Welcome to the world people have decided to build for themselves – the PC World. Where anything and everything you say can be wrong or taken offense at. Unless your a liberal – then it was just a joke or satire.

    • $8194357

      Word smithing the facist global future..
      After they tame those jihadist down a bit
      and get them thru corperate sensitivity training…

  • headward

    He’s dating a beauty queen. What else would you say about her? How she answer softball questions in the interview?

  • WOOF

    She’s a model , a Miss Universe Contestant and would probably have
    gone topless for the right price.
    They could have reported her agents phone number, her previous boyfriends,
    if Marv Albert had bitten her, and let her do the second half weather forecast.

  • alanstorm

    “It’s extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on an individual’s looks,”
    said Sue Carter, a professor of journalism at Michigan State. “In this
    instance, the appearance of the quarterback’s girlfriend had no bearing
    on the outcome of the game. It’s a major personal violation, and it’s so
    retrograde that it’s embarrassing. I think there’s a generational
    issue, but it’s incumbent on people practicing in these eras to keep up
    and this is not a norm.”

    This moralistic moron is a teacher. Be very afraid for the future.

    • retirenowconrad

      Anyone seen a picture of Sue Carter?

      I’d be jealous of Ms. Michigan too.

      • Sue

        That one really did make me LAUGH OUT LOUD! That aged wine did whine!

      • $8194357

        Nice sweater those academics like so much tho…..

    • igx

      I disagree, but for different reasons. I hate it when reporters and analysts in the media refer to some one as ‘beautiful” or whatever. The implication then is some people aren’t. If it’s gratuitous, leave it out. JMO, that’s a good policy because it doesn’t add jack.

    • $8194357

      What would they do if they would have said…
      Hey look at those two ugly fat people?
      Michellle obviously is right and DC needs to intervene
      in this type of thing…

  • SigFan

    Today commenting on a person’s – male or female – appearance with something as innocuous as “that’s a nice outfit” can be taken as sexual harassment in the workplace. What a ridiculous bunch of fools society has become.

  • flamemeister

    Would it be fair to say that recent decades have witnessed epidemic hysterical neuroticism sweeping throughout the American population? Where is this going? It is very comparable to the PC that has traditionally taken over in Socialist totalitarian states. No, not comparable—it is the same.

    • $8194357

      10X……….It is what it is…..PC facism….

      Political Correctness with classical Marxism the parallels are very obvious.

      First of all, both are totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is revealed nowhere more clearly than on college campuses, many of which at this point are small ivy covered North Koreas, where the student or faculty member who dares to cross any of the lines set up by the gender feminist or the homosexual-rights activists, or the local black or Hispanic group, or any of the other sainted “victims” groups that PC revolves around, quickly find themselves in judicial trouble. Within the small legal system of the college, they face formal charges – some star-chamber proceeding – and punishment. That is a little look into the future that Political Correctness intends for the nation as a whole.

      • flamemeister

        Excellent piece.

        • $8194357

          yes sir…

  • camsaure

    I guess her great looks don’t fit in with what we know damocrat women look like.

  • matthew_bosch

    I was a bit creeped out. There were multiple times when they cut to her in the stands, because the game was getting out of control. Maybe the producers are more to blame trying to create “fill” for the broadcast.
    I’ll admit I have a disdain for Brent Musburger prior to this instance and will continue afterwards. Please go away Brent Musburger.

    • Rip

      Musburger has been embarrassing since the eighties. Why he is still employed is anyone’s guess.

  • YesDak

    When you are a broadcaster on a nationally televised event, you should be less crass and obtuse. He objectifies this lady and by takes it to an even shallower level by saying QBs should practice their sport more so they get hot chicks. What is this, the 1950s? Are women like dogs to be evaluated publicly in a judging contest? Would it be OK to broadcast how nice men’s butts or “packages” are in their uniforms? No! You never hear ESPN broadcasting such evaluations. So, why comment on women’s appearances in the same way? Not all locker room talk should be broadcasted.

    • Rob

      I didn’t watch the entire broadcast, but there was nothing crass in the clip above. He remarked on her beauty. Big flipping deal.

      • YesDak

        The problem is it was much more than a remark. It was an over-the-top explosion of sexually oriented verbal vomit. The dude should get himself under control. Bet you anything the guy has sexual issues. His exuberance was inappropriate.

  • Snarkie

    Ugly people *wish* looks didn’t matter. But. They’re. Still. Ugly.

    • Onslaught1066

      “You know writing horrible things like that reflects more on you than anyone else.”
      Rob Port, yesterday

      Welcome to my club.

    • $8194357

      Your mirror don’t lie, huh….

  • SusanBeehler

    Some of you guys don’t get it! If you would not go on the air and say the same thing about a man than you probably should not go “wow” about a woman. Complimenting people is good, but this is a sports program and even if her parents thought it was okay it contributes to the “some” who are making comments about Sue Carter who I thought the remarks were improper. Talking as if the only thing which matters about a woman and her value to society is her looks. Do you want your sons and daughters to believe this? This comment was not as offensive as the double standard there is for woman, Look how alanstorm and retirenowconrad joke about a woman probably 40 years her senior they missed the accomplishments of “Sue Carter” only saw a photograph not her acheivements, this is the problem seeing only looks as a charteristic which matters.
    Sue Carter’s acheivement:
    April 2007 she was inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame. received two Emmys.
    B.A. in Humanities,Master’s degree in History, and Juris Doctor
    2009 Master of Divinity degree from the General Theological Seminary ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church
    In 2001, she led the first all-women ski expedition to the North Pole from the Russian side of the planet. Her team was met by a group from NASA and together they conducted the first student-directed web cast from the top of the world.
    2005 A book about the adventure
    It is the attitude which pollutes the minds and perpetuate the hidden belief women are “toys”, “objects”, “something” to look at. Women politicians and many woman who speak up are devalued when only the “cover of the book” is judged. If you wouldn’t talk that way about your mom or your grandma, you probably should not broadcast at a football game.

    • Rob

      Some of you guys don’t get it! If you would not go on the air and say the same thing about a man than you probably should not go “wow” about a woman.

      For the record, I’d be fine with a woman commentator saying “wow” about a good looking man. In fact, I’d suggest that if the gender roles in this situation would have been reversed, it wouldn’t have been a controversy.

      Because there is absolutely a double standard to these things.

      • SusanBeehler

        I guess I was not clear. I did not say a woman commentator, I meant a male commentator saying this about a man. Would a guy welcome a “wow” from a guy about his good looks? That is the double standard. If you wouldn’t than you get the “sexual” nature of the comment. Women would probably not do what this guy did to a man as professional commentator. It is not the “wow” that is said it is how the “wow” is said. Just like you could say I like your pants, or you could say the same thing in different tone which takes on a whole different meaning.

        • Rob

          “Women would probably not do what this guy did to a man as professional commentator.”

          What planet do you live on?

          • igx

            The other thing is women clearly aren’t symmetrically wired compared to men with respect to sex attraction. This isn’t an excused for bad behavior but it explains things like this quite a bit.

        • awfulorv

          I don’t normally watch her program, so Need to ask, does Rachel Maddow comment on the looks of her female guests, or women in general?

          • SusanBeehler

            I don’t know either I don’t watch her show. She is not a sportscaster either, unless you call politics a sport.

        • awfulorv

          Men will do nearly anything to stay on the good side of their squeezes. There are a few, elemental, things, though, they’d like in return.They’d like to be assured that baby you’ve just birthed is their progeny, and wonder why you would find a DNA test so objectionable over a matter of such import? They’d like you to control your eating so that your weight remains within 50 lbs of what it was on your wedding day. Ditto for your drinking habits. They’d like you to discuss any changes to the rules of the game currently being played, certainly never to change them during a time when you’re exhausted from work and, thus, vulnerable. They’d like you to limit your shoe selection to a reasonable number, say forty five pairs. Ditto dresses, and, please, ask someone else the questions that accompany the purchasing of the gowns. Lastly, don’t insist on attending that playoff game, with the tickets hubby won in a contest at work, simply to impress your friends with, ” I was at the game”, instead, let him take his brother, his boss, his old girl friend, etc, just kidding… The list will continue when the results of the monthly child support payments, due the Lesbian mother, from the, hapless, sperm donor, are adjudicated.

    • Onslaught1066

      Your honor shall forever remain intact, M’Lardy, no one with 20/20 vision, acute hearing or a sense of smell would ever “Wow!” about you.

      • SusanBeehler

        Retaliating for rejection ?

        Cyber bully!

        • Onslaught1066

          Nope, just setting your… mind? at ease.

          Marsupial! (and not any of the cute ones either)

  • sbark

    ……..and yet in the leftists media world Griffith for all purposes going down on CNN’s Anderson Coopers is all fine and “progressive”………..

  • Rip

    Musburger’s comments would have been okay if he had been more subtle. But he was over the top and sounded like a dirty old man. It was the national championship game. Didn’t he have some fascinating game insights to share with us rather than his lust for young women?

  • Don Quixote

    “But we do so love being outraged, don’t we?” As anyone reading these “discussions” can see.
    Although we have all heard far worse, I agree with YesDak. The comments were boorish and should not have been made.
    Tom Crawford, you could substitute conservative for liberal and still be correct. The problem is that people lack manners on both sides of the political spectrum.

    • ‘Tom Crawford

      Ah but Don, how many get a pass for it?
      When called on it – who apologizes, and/or gets raked over the coals – and who sits there and says it was a joke / satire when getting called on it?

      Hate to say it but Republicans are held to a MUCH higher standard than Democrats.

  • yy4u2

    Facts r facts. If you see the still photo of her cheering into her hand like a megaphone, you can’t help but agree that someone is lucky.

    A side note, show me the prettiest girl u know n I’ll show u a guy tired of putting up with her bs.

  • $8194357

    Hypocrit liberal femminists…

    Feminist Leaders Complain About Lack of Women In Cabinet, Turn Blind Eye to Sharia Mistreatment of Women

    Atlas reader Suzanne writes: “Honestly, where have these two women’s rights advocates been over the U.S. honor killings due to the encroachment of Sharia law? Why have they been silent over the atrocities on women due to Islamic law that has been taking place all over the globe?”

    Very good point. And these tools ought to know that they served their purpose. He’s got as much use for them now as he does for the Jews.

    Obama, put a woman in charge of FCC by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem, CNN, January 11, 2013