Interesting: Poll Finds More People Concerned About Media Bias Than Campaign Contributions

media bias

North Dakota Democrats and their allies in the state media have been fighting a war on Republican campaign contributions. Whether it’s PSC candidate Brad Crabtree alleging (but not actually proving) ethical violations because he doesn’t understand what “consent of the governed” means, or the Fargo Forum singling out oil industry contributions (as opposed to, say, ag industry contributions) to candidates, the left in the state has made a beef out of this issue.

But according to a new national poll from Rasmussen, Americans are more concerned with media bias than they are with campaign contributions:

…a plurality (47%) of voters feels media bias is a bigger problem in politics today that big campaign contributions anyway. However, nearly as many (42%) now think big campaign contributions are a bigger problem. Four years ago, voters were more concerned about media bias and less concerned about campaign cash.

This isn’t to suggest that campaign contributions aren’t often a problem, or that they shouldn’t get scrutiny, just that most tend to see media bias as a much bigger problem.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Jamer Morrow

    The media is biased because of economic reasons. You get paid to advertise for Republicans. You have a bias towards Republicans that pay you. The left wing media is the same way. Good thing the internet is so vast that it is easy to come to your own conclusions.

    • ‘Tom Crawford

      There is a difference though, disclosure.

      With Rob, he discloses his leanings, IF he is paid and by whom, ect.

      MSNBC? ABC? CBS? – They try and bill themselves as non-partisan, but it becomes blatantly obvious in how thy act, and the type of news they decide to disclose to the public that watches them. It is also why they continue to lose viewers and readers.

    • Gern Blanston

      Huh? Rob gets paid by Republicans to advertise, and that is why he has a conservative bias? Have you read the ads that are on this blog? Your comment is wrong on a few levels – I’m sure Rob can better elaborate.

      • Eat This

        No, it’s a conservative blog and therefore attracts Republican dollars.

        • Rob

          Actually, most of the advertising is done imdierectly through Google’s ad network. That includes a lot of local candidates though, Heitkamp among them.

        • Wayne

          It’s a conservative blog. SAB never claimed to be objective ‘news’ media.

      • Rob

        I’ve never based my positions on who advertises. Most of it is done indirectly, meaning I don’t even talk to the advertisers, and there are plenty of liberal ads here too. I’m a devout capitalist that way.

        • jamermorrow

          I am not blaming anyone for doing it. I would do the same. You have to pay your bills. I am just saying they try to appease as many people to maximize revenue. Not much different than any other business trying to satisfy consumer demand. Fox News picked up on a huge part of the market that was untapped.

          • Rob

            In my experience, sharing my honest opinions and the real facts about controversial issues has always been enough to attract a large enough audience to make this profitable.

    • Wayne

      You are way too simplistic. If Republicans advertised more on MSM, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. would not suddenly go from a liberal bias to a conservative bias.

      • Eat This

        No, but let’s say my rich friends and I want to start a media organization and we lean right.

        • Wayne

          So? And no meaning what? By ‘media’ do you mean ‘objective news’ media? I don’t understand your response. It seems that you are agreeing with me. It’s not the money, it’s what ‘you and your friends’ want to do. Same with the MSM and their ‘lean’ left. But the real problem is the MSM claims they are objective but are very biased to the left. The closest to objective on TV is Fox. (Heads exploding but true.)

  • Wayne

    Media bias is a major problem in this country. It affects what people think and how they vote. Without the liberal bias of the MSM the Democrats would not stand a chance in this country. Or put another way, with an objective MSM this country would be much more conservative. Any media source can be as biased as they want to be but they shouldn’t be putting themselves out there as an objective news source like the MSM does. There is an excellent book out:

    Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind by Tim Groseclose

    From the Amazon description,
    “Dr. Tim Groseclose, a professor of political science and economics at UCLA, has spent years constructing precise, quantitative measures of the slant of media outlets. He does this by measuring the political content of news, as a way to measure the PQ, or “political quotient” of voters and politicians.
    Among his conclusions are: (i) all mainstream media outlets have a liberal bias; and (ii) while some supposedly conservative outlets—such the Washington Times or Fox News’ Special Report—do lean right, their conservative bias is less than the liberal bias of most mainstream outlets.
    Groseclose contends that the general leftward bias of the media has shifted the PQ of the average American by about 20 points, on a scale of 100, the difference between the current political views of the average American, and the political views of the average resident of Orange County, California or Salt Lake County, Utah. With Left Turn readers can easily calculate their own PQ—to decide for themselves if the bias exists. This timely, much-needed study brings fact to this often overheated debate.”

    Check it out.

  • Snarkie

    Port — you wouldn’t know anything about folks’ concern with media bias now would you?

    • Wayne

      You do know the difference between a conservative blog and supposedly ‘objective news’ media don’t you?

  • banjo kid

    Today it is hard to wade through the BS and get at the truth , the truth is very elusive . Most people depend on the news and that is a shame because they will never get the straight on any thing political.