In New Ad Pam Gulleson Describes Herself As An “Independent” Rather Than A Democrat


Liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign has been working hard to cast her not as a Democrat but an independent.  Heitkamp told a magazine that she “fancied herself an independent rather a Democrat.”  She said in a recent interview that the national Democrat party platform doesn’t represent what she believes in.  Heitkamp has pushed this so hard that the North Dakota Republican Party, tongue firmly in cheek, offered to make her a member.

Heitkamp’s colleague, liberal House candidate Pam Gulleson, has also taken the “independent” tact, most notably in her most recent ad entitled “Independence” in which Gulleson endorses a host of issues her national party dislikes and at the end describes herself as an “independent leader” for North Dakota.

You really have to wonder, given how hard these candidates are working this angle, if they aren’t doing more harm than good. It has to be dispiriting to North Dakota leaders to see their top-of-the-ticket candidates have to campaign like right-of-center Republicans to get traction, and how many North Dakotans really buy that Heitkamp and GUlleson will be “independent” under the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

Reid, specifically, has funneled millions into supporting Heitkamp’s campaign both through direct campaign contributions and independent spending on advertising attacking her opponent Rick Berg. Does anyone think he’s doing that so Heitkamp can go to Washington and be an “independent”?


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  • RCND

    You ranch branded you at your convention, Pam. It is permanent no matter what you say now. Wear the brand proudly

  • Conservative Soccer Mom

    If she is going to be independent, does that mean she will give back the $200K+ from Dem PACs & Nancy Pelosi?

    • Adolf Mittler

      I’m sure she will, just as soon as Kevin Cramer starts using his own money to defend himself in his court case rather than using taxpayer money to do it.

      • Rob

        The lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club and the Dakota Resource Council asks the federal courts to remove North Dakota’s local control over surface mining regulations.

        North Dakota has a dog in that fight.

        • Adolf Mittler

          That’s a great rationalization of Cramer pillaging the taxpayer, but it’s not the main issue. The issue is about Cramer and Kalk taking money from the coal industry, the same industry they are supposed to be overseeing.

  • Harold

    Pam if your an Independent and don’t believe in democrat goals then why are you running as a democrat?

    • Adolf Mittler

      Because there isn’t a party called the “Gutless Spineless ConservaDem Party”. If there was, Gulleson, Heidi, and all the rest of these gutless weasels would be members of it.

  • The Fighting Czech

    If Obama is ahead of Romney in just about all the polls, and some in the Media already have declared Him the winner, Why are so many trying to distance themselves from him, as well as the Democrat party?

    • Adolf Mittler

      Because Obama is going to lose in ND, that’s all. These gutless spineless ConservaDems always adopt the losing strategy of pandering to the people on the far right who will never vote for them anyway, while at the same time turning off their base.

  • bigdaddybernie

    A few elections ago, one could NOT tell from the add, what party was represented ! Now, Democrats can’t run far or fast enough to distance themselves from the President, and the Republicans all pretend to be TEA PARTIERS !

  • Lynn Bergman

    If most Democrats running for election do not agree with the socialist/communist Democrat platform…why don’t they change the platform from within and bring effective competition back to the North Dakota political process? George Sinner…are you listening? How about leading your party out of the muck with some good old American values… and an understanding of the difference between “government” and “society”? Or have you even read “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine?
    I don’t know what to worry most about…Democrats in power… or Republicans with no competent, intelligent, and viable opposition…

    • Adolf Mittler

      Is conservatism the new communism? Because that’s all we have with the Democratic party – a complete caving into the entire Republican agenda.

      If conservatism is the new communism, then I guess regressive radicalism and right wing lunacy is the the new conservative.