If Democrats Are So Worried About Illegal Campaign Contributions Why Don’t They Make A Criminal Complaint?


In a desperate bid for attention two Democrats – candidate for the Public Service Commission Brad Crabtree, who got a shellacking when he ran in the last cycle, and US House candidate Pam Gulleson – have accused Republicans Brian Kalk (not on the ballot this cycle) and Kevin Cramer (Gulleson’s opponent) of illegal activities. Specifically, illegal activities in taking perfectly legal and lawfully disclosed contributions from employees of, and political action committees created by, industries and companies regulated by the PSC.

According to Gulleson and Crabtree, it’s unethical and illegal bribery for political figures to take contributions from those they regulate. Which is absurd as it’s not a standard we apply to farmers who contribute to Ag Commissioner candidates, or teachers/teacher unions who contribute to Superintendent candidates.

Regardless, State Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem makes an excellent point in a letter to the Grand Forks Herald today. He points out that the crimes being alleged by Gulleson and Crabtree should be reported to the local states attorney for investigation.

So far neither Democrat has made such a report. Or, if they have, it hasn’t been reported by either their campaigns or the media.

Perhaps they haven’t made such a report because their accusations of criminal behavior are just campaign trail politics rather than substantive complaints.

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  • Gern Blanston

    For the same reason the Obama DOJ/Treasury have not publicly investigated Romney’s alleged tax cheating (is that still an issue?…its been a while since we heard about it)

  • Roy_Bean

    I believe Chris Berg explained what’s going on and Pam called on him to apologize for pointing it out.

  • WOOF

    Morally repugnant, technically legal.
    “The world has gone mad today

    And good’s bad today,

    And black’s white today,

    And day’s night today,”
    Anything goes.

    • Captornado

      But in the end Liberalism is still a mental disorder.

  • Conservative Soccer Mom

    probably scared their complaint would get dismissed and their schtick would be exposed for all to see…that and the fact that no lawyer in his right mind will file one for them. Once again, the deems score “pathetic” on their campaign tactics.

    • Conservative Soccer Mom

      *dems. not deems….sorry!