Harvard economics professor Greg Mankiw knows bullshit when he hears it:

Consider these two policies:

A. An employer is required to provide its employees health insurance that covers birth control.

B. An employer is required to provide its employees health insurance. The health insurance company is required to cover birth control.

I can understand someone endorsing both A and B, and I can understand someone rejecting both A and B. But I cannot understand someone rejecting A and embracing B, because they are effectively the same policy. Ultimately, all insurance costs are passed on to the purchaser, so I cannot see how policy B is different in any way from policy A, other than using slightly different words to describe it.

It’s been said that Barack Obama attended Harvard. What he actually learned there, however, is still anybody’s guess. Obviously, NOT economics.

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  • JackButler

    Not economics, but how to p*ss down someones leg and make them believe it’s raining.

  • mikemc1970

    Obama is the penultimate in cynical leftist politicians. Nothing he says can ever be taken at face value. Anything he offers up as a “compromise’ will not actually even be one. If you have judged him by his actions and not by his words, you’ll have already condemned him as a true hater of all things Christian.

  • Wesbutte

    He is an idealogue.   A communsit ash hole.

  • HG

    Obama  doesn’t understand principle, just politics.

  • SigFan

    And yet there are still those Obama apologists that swear that he is not trying to usurp the 1st Amendment and is only concerned about “women’s health”.  If he maintains his hardline stance on this he is going to bring down more than the wrath of Catholics on his head.

    • Bat One

      Sig, BTW, don’t know if you had seen this ( or not, but I thought it might interest you if you hadn’t.

      • SigFan

         The link throws a 404 Not Found error.  What was it?

        • Bat One

          New Sig Sauer 1911 “Fastback.” Standard 5″ barrel or 4″ and a variety of grips and other accutrements.

          • SigFan

            Cool. Sig is doing some very nice work on their 1911’s of late.

          • two_amber_lamps

            A couple of my buddies bought the 1911 Tac Ops, very impressive piece.  Reasonable price and almost doesn’t need a trigger job out of the box…  :)

          • SigFan

            Yes indeed, that is a very nice piece. Sig triggers usually need a little adjustment for one reason or another, but once they’re right they’re sweet. Between the Sig’s and Kimber’s I own though I would be hard pressed to say which I prefer.

          • HG
        • Guest

           Hey Sigfan. Some of the old crowd from the Bigs is now over at if you get bored…

  • bikebubba

    Economics?  Heck, Obama’s having a lot of trouble with “logic.”