House Republicans In “Open Revolt” Against Leadership Over Spending Cuts

Rank and file Republicans in the House want more spending cuts, according to National Review and they aren’t laying down to leadership which is saying that Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed $32 billion in cuts are enough:

We’re hearing that the Republican Study Committee and GOP freshmen were almost in open revolt at the Republican conference this morning over the initial round of cuts set out by Paul Ryan. The Ryan ceiling falls shorts of the headline number of $100 billion set out in the Pledge, and is therefore considered vastly insufficient. Says a source familiar with the meeting, “It sent a clear unequivocal message to leadership — ‘Houston, you’ve got a problem.'” The leadership assured conservatives at a RSC lunch later in the day that the message had been received. Says a GOP leadership aide, “The bill that passes the House will cut substantially more.”

Some members were upset that they didn’t get a chance to talk at the conference meeting. At times, the meeting was quite heated. The source familiar with the meeting says, “They’re putting a lot of emotion out on the table early,” and adds that freshman said the cuts were peanuts and their constituents don’t think even $100 billion is enough.

I’m not sure what’s justifying the reticence from House Republicans on bigger cuts. Rep. Ryan says $32 billion is all they can fit in now since they’re already well into the national fiscal year, yet Senator Rand Paul (backed by Senator Tom Coburn) is proposing $500 billion in cuts, so why not go for broke?

Are they afraid of getting mau-maued to death by liberals screaming about spending cuts putting cops out of work and old people in the streets? That’s likely to happen anyway (in fact, it’s already happening), so rather than cheese off a very skeptical conservative base (which is no doubt what the rank and file House members are upset about) with paltry cuts why not push the envelope?

Republicans cannot pay lip service to our serious national debt problems and then pussy-foot around spending cuts.

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  • camsaure

    It’s somewhat refreshing to see them pay attention to those that sent them there rather then RINO’s such as Lindsey Graham and Richard Lugar. I hope they keep listening.

  • 2hotel9

    Take a f*cking fire ax to the entire Federal payroll. F*ck them and their greasy a$$ed lawyer f*ck mommas.

    • Mountainmouth

      well said

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    The RepubliCONs are going to gut the public sector, creating massive more layoffs and creating more joblessness that wont result in any more investment that is needed to spur job creation.

    The Repugnithals want to destroy our economy as Bush planned to do before he left office.

    • robert108

      You’ve got half of it, hanni, which proves you to be a half-wit. As the public sector stops siphoning the capital from the achievers, they will produce more investment(real investment, not owebama spending), which will create more infrastructure, starvation of the greedy unions, and more jobs for real Americans, all driven by the essence of prosperity…profits.
      owebama is destroying our economy, but conservatives will rebuild it. When owebama finally abandons the failed policies of the past that created the problem in the first place, even the housing sector will recover.

    • HG

      For what purpose do the republicans want to destroy our economy?

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        They want to eliminate the middle class.

  • HG

    The budget deficit is what, 1.5T? How about a balanced budget?