House Intelligence Chair Says White House Changed The Benghazi Talking Points


The White House says they didn’t do it, but the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says the intelligence community’s report on the attack at Benghazi was altered when it reached a committee of Obama appointees:

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House intelligence committee, says the unclassified talking points put together by the CIA changed when they got to administration appointees:

“[T]here was not an intelligence failure,” Rogers told “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“The intelligence community had it right, and they had it right early. What happened was it worked its way up through the system of the so-called talking points, which everyone refers to, and then it went up to what’s called a deputy’s committee…It went to the so-called deputy’s committee, that’s populated by appointees from the administration. That’s where the narrative changed. And so how that thing got back to (Susan) Rice, I think, is probably another question.”

The narrative changed. The White House – Obama appointees on the deputy’s committee – changed it to suit their political agenda. And now they’re lying about it.

That’s shocking.

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  • HG

    You mean the whole spontaneous riot/movie narrative was a lie? That the intelligence pointed to a terrorist attack from the beginning?

    Who knew?

    • $8194357

      Half the world is liberal…
      They haven’t got a clue, HG..

  • $8194357

    Stuffing the electronic ballot boxes like/or by “any means”…
    Like dead kids from Syria being clamed they are Gaza casualties…

    Taqiyya and the dhimmi in the White House.
    This world has gone to hell with the liars who run it for lucifer, huh..

  • $8194357

    Waggin the global dog….

    Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on Friday said that the Arab Spring movement that started in late 2010 and swept rulers out of power throughout the region “embolded” Hamas and made it easier for them to import weapons that they are now using to target Israeli civilians.
    “Clearly, Hamas has felt emboldened by the changes in the region generally and that has redounded to their benefit,” Oren said in response to a question by the Washington Examiner during a conference call hosted by the Israel Project. “The major problem as far as the Arab Spring’s issues impacts the ability of Hamas to import missiles is the greater accessibility to Gaza from Sudan and Libya. And the flow of arms from Libya has been significant. We’ve encountered arms already that have been fired at us that have been brought in from Libya as well as on the Sudanese route. And the general situation in Sinai and the loss of effective controls in Sinai have facilitated the flow of advanced arms into Gaza.”

  • mickey_moussaoui

    I like how Hitlery instantly took off on a worldwide wine tasting tour of faraway places and left this Rice patsy to take the fall. And then Obumbles gets all defensive
    with the media for questioning Rice’s credibility. He should be getting angry
    with his staff for allegedly not keeping him in the info loop. After all, he
    was the one selling the bullshit story about the anti Islam movie causing the
    Benghazi terror attack. Let’s watch the pathological liar get himself out of this one.

  • mickey_moussaoui


  • $8194357

    Liar liar pants on fire..

    Lenins fool tools, taqiyya, dhimmis and such…

    Old Abe Lincoln….Even if ya call the tail the fifth leg…

    Its still a four legged dog with a tail, huh..

    Alinskys any means and islamic taqiyya both come from the father of all lies..

    Ideological agendas bring with them “blindness”..

    The Truth shall set you free..

    See any sibbling DNA with the “New Left Communists” calling a thing by another name

    so folks don’t know it is the same thing methods used by Democrats in America the last 100 years?

    TAQIYYA’ 101…or why lies and deception are the Islamic way for dealing with unbelievers

    Westerners take delight in hearing the name of Egypt’s new ‘Freedom and Justice’ party ushered in with the newly-elected Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. What they never hear is that for Muslims, ‘Freedom’ is ‘freedom from man-made laws and ‘Justice’ is justice according to Islamic (sharia) law.

  • Yogibare

    Ahhh, yes. This whole Benghazi fiasco brings new meaning to the scrubbing of “news”
    before it is fed to us the common people who are unable to deal with the realism of the world we live in.
    When will the MSM step up to the reality that we have an administration headd by Obama and Hillary and Axelrod, etc., who will lie to us at every turn—to them the truth is what they tell us.

  • $8194357

    Insert cause/group/goal/agenda HERE…

    Spin spin deception here taqiyya there..

    Tickle their ears with what they want to hear..

    Why change what know ones caught onto for the last 100 years?

    Tell em what they want to hear as you divide/conqure

    and do the devils bidding..


    Works for Bengazi cover-ups as well huh?
    Younger woman…older man….
    Look over there not over here…

    But it didn’t take long for others to realize that Israeli airstrikes had not occurred at the time of the Egyptian Prime Minister’s visit. Coupled with a long history of Hamas faking civilian deaths in Gaza, many believe that the child was killed by Hamas’s own rockets and not by an Israeli airstrike. A week ago discovered Hamas using a month old photo taken in Syria and claimed they were recent civilian casualties due to Israeli strikes.
    There are of course civilian deaths that occur in Gaza but so far most of them have been attributed to Hamas and not Israel. So please remember when watching or listening to our liberal mainstream media that they are quick to put the blame on Israel and that Hamas has a long history of lying and faking civilian deaths. You can’t always believe everything you see and hear especially from the media that are experts at twisting and hiding the truth in so many areas.

    Read more:

  • mark

    why should this supprise anyone
    gov’t invented propaganda
    News feed you the lies

  • banjo kid

    Maybe Obama can get the visionary award from the press in about 30 years as Hanoi Jane just received, both are guilty of treason so they fit the mold for MSM . The news media is our greatest enemy . Any other person would have been shot or spent the remainder of their life in a federal prison . Years later she wears it as a badge of honor that she cavorted with the enemy and did a treasonous act by sitting in a anti air craft gun pretending to shoot us out of the sky. The only regret was the picture made it to print .

    • $8194357

      new left radicle communist democrats from the 60’s
      rule the DC thus global roost…With the complicite help
      of a whole host of Lenins useful idiots….

  • banjo kid

    In this administration it appears that criminal acts are to be rewarded and treason is the new normal . This will not see any one prosecuted nor will we ever know the truth about what did happen. Now we brace for the illegally passed health care bill to gut what remains of our Constitution.

    • $8194357


  • $8194357


    Though their hardware is no match for the Israeli military, militants have upgraded their capabilities with weapons smuggled in from Iran and Libya, Israeli officials claim.