Hillary Clinton Stepping Down As Secretary Of State?

That’s the report, and rumors so far have it that former New Mexico governor and Presidential candidate Bill Richardson is her likely replacement. Which is odd given that just a day ago chief White House flak Robert Gibbs was saying that there would be no significant changes in Obama’s cabinet going into the second half of his term, though David Axelrod is being quoted as saying there will be changes.

Hillary stepping down would certainly be a big change.

US “troubleshooter” Bill Richardson, who just returned from a trip to North Korea, is likely to be tapped to succeed Hillary Clinton to become the next U.S. Secretary of State, Yonhap News Agency said Saturday citing a report.

“Numerous sources are pointing toward New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as possibly replacing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in 2011,” Exminer.com said.

The possibility is opening up, with some circumstantial signs backing up the view.

For example, the current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, is suffering from heart conditions and she is said to want to spend more time with her family, it said.

If Hillary Clinton steps down, Richardson is likely to be one of the strongest candidates for the position. The New Mexico Governor has a background in diplomacy. He previously served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations as well as energy secretary under President Clinton.

Richardson also acted as a troubleshooter a few times before when American civilians became hostages in North Korea, by visiting North Korea and rescuing them.

Something here doesn’t pass the smell test. Bill Clinton certainly seems healthy enough to be out in the public eye, so I don’t buy for a minute that Hillary would be stepping down over family concerns, and with Gibbs and Axelrod giving conflicting answers to questions about the cabinet one has to wonder if there isn’t some sort of internal conflict.

Not that there hasn’t been conflict between the Obama and Clinton camps all along.

By the way, Richardson might be a fairly controversial pick. He was up for a position in the Obama administration originally but had to withdraw due to controversy over an alleged quid pro quo arrangement between himself as Governor of New Mexico and a contractor/political contributor.

Richardson’s nomination as Secretary of State would need to be approved by the Senate.

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  • thormat

    Falls in line with her running for President in 2012 doesn’t it?

    • Neiman

      No! I actually believe her when she said she has no more desire for public office and she absolutely would not be running for POTUS. This seems absolutely consistent with her recent statements.

      She may also be suffering empty nest syndrome; Her daughter is married and her mommy role is diminished. With her and Bill constantly on the road, she has no one to come home to, it must be quite lonely and maybe she has realized all the travel, running for office, her roles as Senator and Secretary of State are not filling an empty void.

      • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

        Great satire!

        • Neiman

          In some ways I am naive, I tend to want to believe people mean what they say, and there have been many signals lately that she is tired of politics. I am hopeless in believing most people, sooner or later will see the light and decide that there are other things besides money and power and that maybe despite my major opposition to their politics, that they are at heart Christians that are at last putting life into its proper perspective.

          • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

            Great satire!

          • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

            Oh grow up.- Hillary Clinton has only self interest motivating her actions. She has never been a person of integrity or honor. Of course those qualities only cause problems for Democrats. How sad that personal ambition would cause a person to stay with a man like Bill Clinton just to catch some of the afterglow from a scumbag.

          • Neiman

          • Neiman

            You know you are getting to be, to everyone, a gigantic, walking, talking rectal sphincter oozing poop out if every body orifice!

          • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

            I was going for humor – Thanks though, it’s nice to be acknowledged and appreciated.

          • Neiman

            My humor has escaped people as well, which is why somewhere a well placed smiley face may give a hint!

          • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

            The smiley is a hint that you’re a retard.

          • WOOF

            Your got an agent?

            That’s humor.

          • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

            Neiman you know we can never trust a Clinton… They are pathological lairs.

          • Eebeeb

            Hillary Clinton a “Christian”? Not very bloody likely! Her husband Bill worked way overtime to open-up our defenseless and brain-dead country to the depredations of NAFTA and GATT, with the result being that we now in the USA have no viable manufacturing base. This means we must borrow from other countries to pay for Zionist-instigated (at this shameful point in the history of “our” Congress, mandated) wars to the point where the United States of America has reached the stage of the Titanic going down into the icy waters of fiscal reality at a 45-degree angle. But, hey, I’m not knocking Neiman and his tragically hopeful and self-described “naive” comments. “Hope springs eternal…” and all that. Rots o’ Ruck, pal !!

          • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

            Whatever one thinks of her, she’s not stupid. Maybe she wants to get off the ship before it sinks.

          • Sumtime

            Yes, rats are known to flee a sinking ship. Hillary is a career doormat.

        • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

          I was going to say the same thing and I could see Obumble getting primaried by Hillary, because the left is sick of Barry as well. The only bad thing is that there are enough stupid people that would vote for Billary.

      • Spicywiener

        I disagree. You make it sound as if she has thoughts and feelings like a real human being.

        • Neiman

          I understand what you are saying, I generally agree and my dislike for Madame Hillary and Billy Jeff are second to none – I guess I want to offer them every chance to prove us all wrong and even though they will prove me wrong, forgive me for wanting to be generous in my thoughts despite my having grave doubts.

      • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

        When did she ever have someone to come home to after Bill was released from the White House and they lived apart, more or less. When you say “filling an empty void…” Nah, too easy.

    • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

      Absolutely. She has to step down as Sec. State. The question is just timing.

  • jandbcinAZ

    Maybe the Wiki Leaks are leakin some info that will find her undesirable for the job ,

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

      I does not take Wilileaks to make her undesirable

      • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

        She’s still guilty. Of being HOT!!!

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

          You either have very low standards or need an eye exam.
          Different strokes for different folks – fat ugly broads need lovin’ too.

    • Sienna18

      you are on the money…..it was a hit job by Soros…..for the upper demons…….she is a threat to obama…..and they do not want hillary in……….she WILL NOT GO QUIETLY……..she will be back for the run on the white house

    • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

      comma says what?

  • jandbcinAZ

    She and Bill are as Progressive as Obama and Soros buddies…..so watch your back..

  • Dutchsays

    The Clintons, Hillary and Bill, have an insatiable lust for power. “Hills” will yield to a well orchestrated clamor to draft her to oppose The One in 2012.

  • stan25

    No! I actually believe her when she said she has no more desire for public office and she absolutely would not be running for POTUS. This seems absolutely consistent with her recent statements.

    Believe that and I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale. Hillary is going to run against Obama again. She wants that job so bad it gnaws at her very being. Our job is to see that Barry doesn’t get re-elected and Hillary don’t the job at all

  • DarkDrow1

    Assange urged Hillary to resign and shortly afterwards rumors are flying that she is stepping down as SOS with Bill Richardson on deck! What kind of ‘ACE’ is this guy holding? I guess it’s back to dodging imaginary bullets in Bosnia or selling PANTSUITS on QVC!!

  • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

    What a shame when she step up to “serve” the country. She took the “o” out of country.

  • mystic

    I am extremely disturbed by this rumor; We all depend on Hillary being the most AIPAC bribed member of the administration, and if Richardson is a straight arrow, how on earth will be able to attack Iran if she is not there to provide us with lies and deception of WMD on which our country depends????

  • S.B.

    I learned from http://www.rense.com that Hilary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. This may be the reason she is stepping down ( the symptoms of the disease would be hard to hide after awhile)>

    • Rustymac88

      My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2002 and most people today act surprised when we tell them he has the disease!

      • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

        They’re just being polite, Mrs. Fox.

    • Wrestprop

      I went to Rense.com and found no reference to Hillary having Parkinson’s disease. Bad post. Two thumbs down, S.B.

    • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

      Well, that’s settled then. If it’s on Rense, it must be true.

  • $5999567

    To begin with she’s an inveterate liar, so what she “say’s” should never be believed, and the biggest “secret” in Washington is that the old gal is determined to get her hands on what’s left of the country. Her “little people” are telling her what we already know, she’ll blow the hated Obummer out of the water, but she MUST put some distance between herself and him in plenty of time to appear legitimate, (fortunately her base is little concerned with legitimacy.) Only real question is who’ll run against her. She’s almost certainly praying it’ll be Sarah Palin, but I’m guessing the Publicans are turning over every rock form Presque Isle to San Diego looking for someone other than Sarah to throw into the grinder. Two years ago Ahnold would have beat her handily except for that pesky little “native born” thingy, but there are no obvious prospects that I’m aware of at the moment. But then who knows, two years before the last national comedy who would have given Oh Boy Ma a chance in hell. The big loser (besides the country) will be the racist Michelle, who “for the first time in her adult life” will have to face the reality of American politics, that most of the winners are losers!

    • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

      I heard Arnold was born in Hawaii. Is that not true?

  • Wrestprop

    Why would Hillary Clinton step down? For one thing, there was an internal conflict at the state department over the best way to resolve the stalemate in Afghanistan. While Hillary Clinton sided with the generals in seeking a military solution to the war, Obama may have wanted a quicker and more peaceful end to that conflict as evidenced by his recent dismissal of the commander of the allied forces, General McChrystal. Indeed, the road to peace seemed to be the objective of veteran diplomat and negotiator Richard Holbrooke as well, before his untimely and most peculiar demise after being stricken by a ruptured aorta artery in Secretary Clinton’s office. For those of you who can step outside the Matrix just long enough to connect the dots, it will seem perfectly reasonable for one to believe that Holbrooke was undermining Hillary Clinton’s authority when she had him killed at the first opportunity. Ghastly to think such a thing, isn’t it? But the Clintons are killers. They had Ron Brown killed along with two other Commerce Department employees, as well as Vincent Foster (at the White house, no less) and a host of witnesses and stumble bums who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe Obama connected the dots in the Holbrooke murder and gave Hillary the choice to resign or be fired. Notice the time line and how soon the speculation began over Clinton’s pending resignation following the death of Holbrooke. It was just a matter of days.

    On the bright side, Richardson appears to be a solid candidate for the job.

    • mystic

      Sorry, Richardson is too honest to be a candidate. Good guys who dare to have the interest of the nation at heart get knocked off. Usually by the Mossad.

  • Jsgawi

    The reasons for her departure are quite simple.The Wikileaks revelations about Hilliary’s authorizing the bizarre (and Israeli like) spying on the UN officials made her position completely untenable. The nations whose officials were spied upon probably made it very clear to Obama that Hillary’s effectiveness was now finished. I can imagine that they were quite adamant in their demands that she be removed.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BIVIVSDCAUTYMMFTNTA4OSDP5Y Azawon

    Wow. Hillary is considered the most admired women in America, and gets credit for her work as a senator and Secretary of State. She has always been controversial, but she doesn’t deserve to be totally smeared and demonized. I’ve heard kinder words about Hitler. My theory is her worst detractors are male….who haven’t accomplished much. She is strong-willed, ambitious and powerful….therefore a bitch in their eyes. She was the best candidate offered in the fall of ’08……compared with Obama or McCain, in my opinion.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

      If you have heard kinder words about Hitler than Hillary – Stop listening to Obama maniacs.
      I wish Hillary would have been the Dem nominee – she would have been defeated.
      All of Hillary’s accolades and accomplishments have been from riding Slick Willies coattails.
      She hitched her wagon to a man known to be a liar, serial rapists, disbarred lawyer and disgraced president, and those are his good qualities. She is as tainted as her source of fame. She deserves be judged by the company she keeps and even promotes. You obviously have not done much research on Mrs. Clinton or you have extraordinarily low standards.

    • Camsaure

      And I bet you defend Sarah Palin with the same zeal when the liberals and main stream media attempt to smear her.

    • UNF

      Yes, well Hitler did make the trains run on time, transport to the Camp was free, and every German had a well-paid job crucifying some Untermensch or another.

      Fortunately Hitlary displays none of his political talents — under the direction of her feeble wit the U$-bankrupt-banana-Empire’s foreign relations are shot to hell in a handbasket and the increasingly uppity Sandnigras have said “Pool’s Closed” and handed the White woMan her Burdensome Ass in a sling out of Iraq.

      Her Thighness has proven utterly incapable of starting any serious wars at all and must therefore be replaced by a superior Mongerer.

      The She-puppet has been a great disappointment to the Pentagovernment.

  • Newsboy

    Consider that this could be a strategic distancing from Obama, just before his administration goes down the tubes. there are rumors that Obama has been protected from scandals until now, but that protection is either being replaced by Republicans, or eroding due to conflicting self interests, as the tide turns.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Mountainmouth

      People have been fleeing Obama like Rats from a sinking ship.
      He will really be in trouble if the TOTUS takes a hike.

  • Guest

    Isn’t she going to prison for her INTERNATIONAL CRIMES of spying at the UNITED NATIONS?

  • Demiurgetheartisan

    It’s because she’s been busted…(caught in the act). She got nowhere to go but home.

  • HarbingerNads

    I heard she is going to dentristy school.


    She is taking over the chiropractic profession as a hidden part of Obamacare. She can not allow a health care science to continue to heal millions of people from thousands of maladies without using drugs or surgery and what if people found out that Chiropractic was born in America. In fact it is the only all American Health science in the world. No Wonder my Chiropractor was against vaccines?????? Hilary needs to ruin this too, if she’s going to stay on track with her Global Depopulation Agenda…Yes that Means you!!!

  • Watcher

    they will all leave before it begins

  • Di, Cerrillos, NM

    Politics is a chess game. ‘Elected’ officials are pawns. Do you really believe that Obama CHOSE Hillary for SOS? Like Holbrooke and Kennedy, politicians choose to die with their boots on as heroes/martyrs for their country, grin!
    If they don’t agree to go when the chess masters tell them to, they are eliminated by assassination or scandal, like Spitzer. This could also be just a stunt to get in the spotlight or she knows what is in the next batch of Wikileaks. My bet is on the latter.

  • stonehillady

    I think Hillary will step down because she was duped by favorite nation – Israel. Wikileaks is NOT done Yet & if Assange gets his way & continues to Open-up Pandora’s Box, America’s credability will be in toilet, not that isn’t all ready….Hillary & Bill know most of what wrong with our economy is all the Free-TradeAgreements he agreed too….& 2012 will show no economic improvement because of Clintons Policies…They know what the future holds for Us….& it ain’t pretty….Hillary is a TAX everything that moves or doesn’t kind of Gal…..& since it’s being tax already, the only thing left to tax will be the air we breathe.

  • Doug

    I don’t believe it. The Clanton Gang never gives up its quest to rob the world. They sneak up behind you and stick a gun in your back.

  • Highlander

    Would that not make Hillary a QUITTER? I’m sure the MSM would never use that term when referring to the HilldeBeast though …

    • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

      It’s actually pretty normal for a Secretary of State to leave after a couple years.

      • LastBestHope

        true…but most of them did not run against their boss in a primary marathon race where she got more votes than he did

        and most are not named Clinton, where a desire for presidential political power is served as a main course for every meal of every day

        if she leaves, she is running for POTUS

  • 4Yahshua

    We are all kept busy chopping at limbs of the evil tree! Why not just aim at its roots?? We have a 30 year Bush Sr. White House under British Royalty (Still!) under the Vatican. (Sadly, in that order.) If this surprises you, please do a little research! (“Bush Nazi Family Connections”, “Denver Airport Conspiracy”, “FEMA Death Camps”, and etc.)
    There is peace, salvation, and eternal life through faith in Yahshua, the Son of Yahweh. He is coming SOON! HalleluYah! This ancient Hebrew word means “Praise ye Yah”.

    • http://twitter.com/DaPenIsMightier ThePenIsMightier

      Could you rephrase that, but this time be a little more confused?

  • Dutchsays

    Hillary knew that she could whomp up on the Annointed One when , during a Cabinet meeting she informed His Most Serene and Omnipotent Greatness that two Brazilian soldiers were killed in attacks in Afghanistan. The One wrapped His arms around His head and sank to his knees beneath the conference table wailing in misery, “How will we find the land to bury so many, two brazillion must be more than even 14 trillion, is this not so?”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HGHFALGGZ2RYXLJIKA6MG7BVMI kathleen

    whenever you hear that “spend time with the family” rot, you know it isnt that.Time for some of the rats to leave? There’s something to say for all the people who voted Bill Clinton in only to have him turn on the nation like a dog………ramming NAFTA down our throats and lifting the banking laws which led to the mess today……..yes, that something to be said is, nothing worse than voting for someone then having them destroy that confidence and a hand in destroying your nation. The Clintons are Bad Juju.

  • James

    quote from 2007:

    The New York Sun, a newspaper published by Ronald Weintraub and edited by Seth Lipsky, and known for its pro-Israel bias, carried an article recently on the obeisance made by Hillary Clinton to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in New York, which might almost be called a pledge of allegiance to Israel. Quoth the Sun’s staff reporter, Jill Gardiner:

    “A Democratic political consultant who worked on President Clinton’s re-election campaign, Hank Sheinkopf, noted that the AIPAC dinner always draws a parade of politicians.

    ‘New York is the ATM for American politicians. Large amounts of money come from the Jewish community,’ he said. ‘If you’re running for president and you want dollars from that group, you need to show that you’re interested in the issue that matters most to them.’

    Mrs. Clinton, who has opted out of the public campaign financing system, has tapped into the circuit of influential Jewish donors for years and has strong support in the community. A spokesman for AIPAC, Joshua Block, said yesterday that the senator and former first lady has ‘an extremely consistent and strong record of support on issues that are important to the pro-Israel community.'”

    Hillary apparently sang the song that everyone at AIPAC loves to hear, for later in the Sun’s article, we read, “While Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton have different positions on how to deal with the Iraq war, each has used harsh language on Iran.”

  • UNF

    Parsing, People, it’s all in the parsing!

    HillBillary was asked, “Will you be running for President on the Democratic ticket in 2016?” and she honestly replied, “Definitely not!” — which means she will be running in 2012 as a Republican, with Palin as V.P. to pull in the Redneks, hence diving off the wikileaking Obawmber Titanic about now constitutes impeccable timing.

    Of course HillDawg would much prefer to spend more time on the Homestead tending to her family of cats, but AIPAC + Likud have a hardon for War with Iran, which this pet she-demon has pre-emptively promised to annihilate — so yeeharr, Cowgurl, saddle up for your cruise-aid and ride that ticket into the ground (zero)!

    She gotta scratch that itch,
    the Snuke in her Snitch,
    for Jesus and his Fatherland,
    Israel, Amen.

  • Rlljr

    The bottom is this: She totally hates Obama and dissagrees with just about everything he does..

  • Royt

    The Fruitcake Blog would be a more appropriate name for this site.