Heitkamp Wasn’t Standing Up To The Federal Government On Energy Before She Was A Senate Candidate


Heidi Heitkamp has a growing credibility gap when it comes to energy issues.  Today the Fargo Forum picks up the story about Heitkamp’s #2 source of funds, the law firm Weitz & Luxenberg, being engaged in anti-fracking activism of the sort that could shut down North Dakota’s oil boom.

Heitkamp is unapologetic about these funds, refusing to return them, even as she has touted herself as fracking-friendly at a meeting of North Dakota’s oil industry this week, and has been running ads in which she claims to have “stood up” to President Obama and Democrats on energy issues.

But there is more to Heitkamp’s duplicity about energy issues.  Back in May, Heitkamp told a meeting of North Dakota’s Lignite Energy Council that she was against “regulation by litigation” (video here).  Yet, regulation through litigation is exactly what law firms like Weitz & Luxenberg do.

Not only that, but I’m not sure how committed Heitkamp is to the idea that energy issues ought to be regulated locally.  Not only has Heitkamp called for a “national energy policy” which, by its very definition, means more national regulations but back when North Dakota officials were fighting against an attempt by the EPA to take over regulation of regional haze in the state, Heitkamp didn’t speak up.  Senator John Hoeven testified before the EPA hearing held here in North Dakota.  Rep. Rick Berg spoke up. Governor Jack Dalrymple spoke up. Public Service Commissioner, and current US House candidate, Kevin Cramer was there and spoke out. But Heitkamp, who attended the meeting, sat silent.

Heitkamp, though, wasn’t a candidate for the Senate yet when that hearing took place.  Much like her new-found disdain for her political party, Barack Obama and the Obamacare law, Heitkamp didn’t find her passion for local-control of energy issues until she started asking people for votes.

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  • Guest

    Kevin Cramer testified at that EPA hearing too. So did Wayne Stenehjem. Heitkamp was there, but was silent. Gulleson wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

    • Roy_Bean

      Give her a break. Her enhanced Garmin told her she was at a hearing for a Washington DC agency, so she should be a liberal, but that it was being held in Bismarck, so she should be a conservative. She was probably in a total state of panic because she couldn’t figure out how to be both.

      • Conservative Soccer Mom

        Hahahahahahahaha! Gosh, it’s hard to be Heidi these days isn’t it?

      • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob


  • zipity

    Gotta start calling her “Hidey” Rob….much more accurate, since she is HIDING her pronounced Liberal Left roots, rabid environmental extremist views, and love of tax and spend, spend, spend policies….

  • mikemc1970

    Heitkamp Wasn’t Standing Up To The Federal Government On Energy Before She Was A Senate Candidate

    And you better believe she won’t if she is elected.

  • splined

    Another member of the fraud party with noteable frauds such as Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and Al Franken. Heidi fits right in.

  • Truther

    How do personal injury law firm get to be anti-fracking activists? Do they work for free?