Heitkamp The Hypocrite Flip-Flops On Election Day Campaigning


When former NDGOP Chairman Gary Emineth filed a lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s ban on election day campaigning Democrats were quick to come out in favor of the law, opposing Emineth’s efforts.

Heidi Heitkamp, in particular, was outspoken in her support. “Heitkamp says no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit, North Dakota candidates should give people a break from campaigning on the day that most people go to vote,” reported the Associated Press.

Heitkamp isn’t living up to those words now, though. A judge has issued an injunction setting aside the law this election day, ruling rightly that it’s certainly unconstitutional, and now the Heitkamp campaign is bombarding the Fargo market with radio ads according to a Fargo-based reader:

I applaud Heidi Heitkamp (along with Democrat PSC candidate Brad Crabtree) for exercising her right to free speech on election day. I just wish she wasn’t such an enormous hypocrite about it.

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  • Jay

    Last-minute push. Can’t say I blame her. What’s Berg doing to counter?

    • Guest

      Writing his victory speach.

      • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob


  • whowon

    Good news is Republican already knew who to vote for, no ads or lawn signs needed. Secretary of State Al Jaeger tells The Forum newspaper that by 7 p.m. Monday more than 132,000 people had cast votes by absentee ballot or at an early voting precinct for this year’s general election. Already voted! Keep wasting money Heidi.

  • Ralph

    Emineth does the Lord’s work, getting rid of ND’s unconstitutional restraint of free speech. But RINO wimps went around town last night and picked up all the R signs. So now all we see on the streets of Bismarck are Heidi signs. Real geniuses running the Burleigh County GOP. /sarc

    • Lianne

      Are you sure it wasn’t democrats running around taking down the republican signs? ;-) One was even caught aon secrity camera a couple of weeks back!

    • Retire Now Conrad

      Same in Jamestown.
      Republican signs are down, Democrap signs are up. How can anyone vote democrat?

    • Lynn Bergman

      I was out picking up Republican signs last night for the same reason others were. First, most people do not know the law was overturned in the courts, so many would look disfavorably at leaving the signs up.. Second, it is appropriate to let the legislature come up with a new law that IS constitutional before changing something that people are very used to. I am not a RINO or a wimp… ask anyone who knows me. I’m a retired civil engineer; we didn’t get through school without a reasonable IQ as well as a logical approach to problem solving.

      • DelawareBeachHouse

        The law is unconstitutional, a violation of the First Amendment. No way the Legislature can come up with one that passes muster.

        But, I think it’s still courteous to take down signs the night before, and, it’s part of North Dakota tradition. It’s also kind of fun. On balance, a good thing.

        • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

          I agree with that. Now that the law is on its way out, I’m going to start taking my signs down.

          My only problem was the law.

  • North Fargo

    Came home early from work to a Heidi door sign on my front door handle. No campaigning on Election Day indeed.

    • JJ

      Only yard signs still out in Bismarck are Heidi’s. So much for indignation. Guess it was only for those rotten republicans who would leave their signs up forever.

      • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

        Its different when they do it, remember.

  • badlands4

    I voted absentee a couple of weeks ago(two maybe), so it is especially, head banging against the wall, painful to have to still watch the commercials and get the polling calls(THREE over the last week. Once a week at least over the last several months….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!)

    I don’t believe the law is constitutional, but it is as much fun as having a root canal to still have to see ads on tv this morning ;)

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      Democracy is an ugly process. It is what it is.

  • NDSiouxFan

    Listening to KFYR radio today, I hear lots of Heitkamp ads today. About the only political ads I am hearing.

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      But remember, Heitkamp said North Dakotans deserve a break from campaigns on election day. Until she’s losing in the polls, I guess.