Heitkamp Breaks Campaign Promise In Not Standing Up To Obama On Keystone


There is a growing war of words between North Dakota Senator John Hoeven and President Barack Obama. Hoeven fired back when Obama laughed off job creation numbers for the Keystone pipeline. Now that the Obama administration has announced that, after years of consideration, they still don’t have a definite timeline for giving approval to the pipeline, setting the stage for more delays for the beleaguered project, Hoeven is firing back again.

And he’s not alone. Per the press release below, Senator Hoeven is joined in calling on President Obama to avoid further delays for approval by Democrat Senators Max Baucus and Mary Landrieu, as well as Republican John Thune.

But what’s interesting is the voice missing in criticizing President Obama: Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

To be clear, Heitkamp continues to voice support for Keystone. She traveled to Alberta recently to see oil development at what would be the beginning of the Keystone project, but she’s said nothing in response to her fellow Democrat in the White House belittling the economic importance of the Keystone project and announcing further delays in approval.

That runs contrary to her campaign for the Senate last year in which she specifically promised to “stand up” to President Obama on this specific issue.

Heitkamp’s silence in response to President Obama’s incessant sandbagging of this important energy infrastructure is a broken campaign promise, pure and simple.

Hoeven Keystone Press Release by Rob Port

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • NDJimmy

    <—This is my "SHOCKED" avatar. Yep, it's the same as my regular avatar.

    • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

      I am sure that most of us are very shocked at this action. None of us could have seen it coming when she was running around trying to tell everyone that she was more conservative that Rick Berg. Oh my God, we have been duped!

  • zipity

    What? Are you implying that “Hidey” was just mouthing false promises so she could be elected, and then would go back to adhering to her bedrock Far Left core beliefs….?
    Color me SHOCKED…!

  • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

    Only three and half more years of Heidi standing up to Obama…Another lying liberal hack North Dakota has elected.

    • Roy_Bean

      I think she’s looking taller and skinnier every day.

  • borborygmi45

    legitimate complaint.

  • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

    Lie-di Hide? I mean Heidi Lied?

    I’m shocked really I am.

    • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

      Surely you cant be serious Whistler? :) Heidi would never lie to the good people of North Dakota.

  • Camburn

    Sen Heitkamp’s position on the Keystone is well known. Heck, Rob, you even know it.

    Wasn’t there a letter a few months ago that had her signature? Along with Senator Hoeven’s?

    Ayep…..there was.

    This tail doesn’t wag the dog in this case.

    • OldConserv2011

      It’s one thing to be on the record months ago. But something totally different when she fails to go on the record and actually correct the erroneous statements made by her party leader. She can make all the statements and promises she wants while on the campaign trail, but if she doesn’t defend the cause when it comes under attack, it just proves that she has no intention of following up on her campaign promises.

  • Clairvoyant

    Heidi’s broken more campaign promises in 8 months that Berg broke as a Congressman in 2 years!

  • Ratbite

    Gee why would this surprise anyone? Heidi is a Marxist Democrat. They LIE!! They have to LIE to get elected. Heidi’s a LIAR!!! When was the last time a Marxist Democrat told the truth. It was Dennis Kuchinich this week when he said something to the effect “Doesn’t Obama know he’ll be making our air force al Qaeda’s air force if he bombs Syria?”

    • kevindf

      She even lies about her name.

      • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler

        Gaylord Heidi Heitkamp?

        • Ratbite


  • yy4u2

    Say one thing and do another? Democrat you say?
    If a progressive hollers Obama’s name in disgust, are they breaking one of the ten commandments?

  • kevindf

    State media will give her “prairie roses” next Monday for this.

  • devilschild

    This is all Rick Berg’s fault for airing those annoying ads with his mother Fannie….”there were no free meals at our house” …. gag me.

  • two_amber_lamps


    How is this possible?? She’s independent!

    Lol!! Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face….

  • ObservingTheProcess

    This is too important to the Damnacrats and Libtards. Do you really think that Heidi would actually stand up to Obozo and Reid after selling her soul to these two demons?

  • OldConserv2011

    I actually had a bit of an argument over the phone with one of her Washington staffers. I had called to ask why there was no response from Hidey after Obama had scoffed at the number of jobs Keystone could generate. Her staffer tried to tell me that Heitkamp had in fact been very vocal in her support for the project. When I asked him to provide me with proof of her rebuttal to Obama’s claims, he proceeded to give me examples of her statements from the campaign trail.

    When I told him that promises on the campaign trail are one thing, but the proof comes when she actually stands up to rebut statements like Obama’s, he just told me that her support was “on the record” and he hung up on me.

  • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

    Obumble’s favorite Senator from North Dakota is a fraud.