Heitkamp Applauds Delay Of Obamacare Implementation

heidi heitkamp

“I have repeatedly said that there is good and bad in the health care law, and we need to improve it,” Senator Heidi Heitkamp said in a press release today. “One improvement needed is to make it as simple as possible for our businesses to comply. I applaud the Administration for delaying this requirement until there is a system in place that is workable for businesses. I will continue to reach out to North Dakota businesses and push the Administration to take their concerns and priorities into consideration.”

Those comments do jibe somewhat with then-candidate Heitkamp’s election-year stance on Obamacare, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her specifically mention that the business mandate is a problem.

She has criticized the individual mandate, and made vague allusions to “red tape” businesses. “There are some serious problems with the law like the federal mandate requiring you to buy health insurance and way too much red tape for small businesses,” she said in March of 2012.

Of course, those election-year comments contrasted sharply with her enthusiastic support for Obamacare when the law was being debated in Congress. As Politico wrote in 2012, “There isn’t evidence [Heidi Heitkamp] raised concerns about the health care law until she was a candidate for Senate.”

Despite overwhelming opposition to the legislation from North Dakotans, Senator Heitkamp opposes repeal. What criticisms she has made of the law have been vague, and inconsistent.

The employer mandate was such a problem that the Obama administration had to postpone implementation for a year. Yet, this seems to be the first time Senator Heitkamp has ever been critical of that mandate specifically.

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  • zipity


    Of course she would. The clusterf**k that is Obamacare would be the final nail in the coffin for any hopes the Demoncrats may have to make any headway in the 2014 election cycle.

    “Hidey” is pretty predictable in her goal to hide her bedrock Leftist core beliefs from the voters of North Dakota.

  • Mike Peterson

    A question to ask every senator and congressman about this and most other bills…- “did you even read the bill? if not, how then can you say whether you support it or not? when you don’t even know what’s in it?”

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      To be fair, Heitkamp wasn’t in the Senate when Obamacare passed.

      • Mike Peterson

        Ah, I’d still have expected her to read it if she’s going to have an opinion as a US Senate candidate.. but I’m not saying she didn’t; it’s just a very common practice nowadays that ought to be the #1 priority to address.

        • sbark

          she apparently didn’t read the 2nd amendment until minutes before the recent gun control vote—she was waffleing back and forth on her vote for citizens gun rights affirmed by the 2nd amendment…………you think she has now prioritized reading ObamaCare?—-doubted—she’s been working on her softball swing to impress the Media

  • sbark

    So if King Obama can delay the enforcement of ObamaCare Mandate…….does he also then have the power to delay Hoevan Corkers border fence and other programs on the Immgtn Bill?


    via 24/7………. there’s something else going on here, folks. The individual mandate survives. So while your employer, the place you work will not be mandated to provide you health insurance, you’re still gonna be required to have it. Your employer, by the way, can use this year to cancel. If your employer wants to, your employer can say, “Sayonara.” They can get out of this now. That’s right.

    Businesses can now kick everybody out of their plans and not pay a penalty, which will then force all of you to the Obama exchanges, which is what Obama wants ultimately anyway because the exchanges are the government. So this is a twofer for Obama. He’s not gonna run the risk of having the implementation of this bill be harmful to the Democrats before the election, and it actually speeds up his ultimate dream — that being the government being sole provider, single payer, single source, of everybody for health care.

    • schreib

      It will be cheaper to pay the fine/tax instead of the exchange insurance. It is unaffordable anyway. By the time you pay for insurance, you have very little left to live on

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      That’s a really, really good question.

  • schreib

    Of course she supports a delay on the POS legislation called the unaffordable BS health care act. The delay will not help or save the comiie/dumbocrat party from the anger of voters who didn’t want it in the first place. Not long ago Heidi wrote me that the bill was great and that she did not support repealing it. Even though nationally about 60 percent of voters want it to go away. That number is higher in ND

  • schreib

    Resist the beast—pay the fine and really p–s off Obamugabe and Katy Syllibus or psychobeotch.

    • two_amber_lamps


  • two_amber_lamps

    Ms. Heitkamp applauds the administration violating the mandate and it’s 2014 deadline for implementation.

    Therefore she’s advocating for the lawlessness and arbitrary enforcement patterns demonstrated by Obama, Holder, Kathleen “The Great” Sebelius and the rest of the leftist kleptocrats.

    Do whatever you like Comrade O’bamster! Laws are for the little people….

  • banjo kid

    Legally Obama or Jarrett has no authority to delay any thing in the law, it was passed into law and any changes should go through the senate and the house. Can Obama come and change the wording on any state or federal law ? the answer is no, so why he is doing this one law .

    • sbark

      aaaahhhh Jarrett………..the Iranian with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood……….The person who has really been running the White House for 5 yrs running……..one of a dozen Islamists inside the White House…….we are in “safe hands”

  • Say It

    There are a number of Democrats that want to avoid being associated with ObamaCare.
    They know it will cause havoc and want to distance themselves from it.
    Those Democrats that want ObamaCare (Pelosi, Obama, etc.) could care less about the negative effects. They just puch their ideology. No thought given to the consequences.

  • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

    Is it even legal for Barry to waive parts of bills passed by Congress? Doubtful. Leave it to Heidi to applaud another illegal move by the boy king.

    • sbark

      Maybe Hoevan will step up again……….and Call Soreto on this latest power move? Doesn’t seem like anyone else in the GOP has the gravitias to ………maybe Cruz or Rand

    • schreib

      No, this is another case where pres. Obamalamadingdong does not have the authority to do, but he doesn’t care and did it anyway and nobody is stopping him.

  • Drain52

    Of course she accepts the delay. A major bite of Obamacare now won’t take place until after the elections. Democrats aren’t as stupid as they look, talk, and act.

  • brain trust

    I won’t applaud until they repeal the whole big mistake.