Heidi Heitkamp Thinks Rick Berg Hates Women

As the national debate over a contraceptive mandate in Obamacare rages, the silence from Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign has been defeaning. Despite being an outspoken proponent of Obamacare in years past, Heitkamp has been unwilling to talk about the healthcare reform law or any of the controversies surrounding it as a candidate for the US Senate.

And yet, while Heitkamp refuses to talk about Obamacare here in North Dakota, she’s staring in campaign commercials with other liberal Democrat women attacking Republicans for a “war on women.”

Remember that while Heitkamp is busy starring in ads like this one, she’s also telling North Dakota voters that she is going to fix “a Congress that is bogged down with partisan fights.”

Because nothing says bipartisan cooperation like accusing your opponent of hating women.

Of course, this is the same nonsense we’ve seen heard from all of our friends on the left about the contraception mandate. They want us to believe that allowing people to have choice when it comes to paying for contraception is the same thing as banning contraception. As though women, or citizens in general for that matter, had a right to have the taxpayers subsidize their sex lives.

This isn’t a good issue for Heitkamp here in North Dakota, which is no doubt why she’s refusing to talk about this issue outside of this ad. Which makes me surprised that she would even want to be in this ad in the first place.

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  • Trespassers W

    Bile and vitriol; it’s all they’ve got.

  • sbark

    They need a replacement womens social arguement after Abortion.    They cannot push the abortion button just too hard after Obama voted several times to infantcide, even after a baby was born and survived an abortion……

    He voted several times as an Ill. Senator for that baby to be able to be “put down”, even if it had actually been born and was living outside.

    Newt tried to hammer home the issue in the last debate……………

    The Left and the “social moderates” never want the GOP to talk about social issues—-but everything they say is in response to a radical change in social policy by the left…
    ……partial birth abortion, infantcide,  abortion 30 yrs ago,  gay marriage forced upon society,

    Conservatives are not supposed to talk about that stuff, a loosing issue the media says…….
    —-but are supposed to just sit by and let the left impose their “golden calf” religions (abortion, gays rights) upon us…

    Their religions are just as imposing  as the left and media portray Chrisitanity…….much more so I’d say.

  • Camsaure

    GOP war on women??? Is that why she is bringing Bill Clinton in to ND?

  • Jay

    24 Congresswomen, 5 female Senators, and 2 female Governors. Yes, the GOP really hates women, all right. :roll:

    • Jay

      Oops. Make that 4 female Governors. My mistake.

  • bman

    I can see why women would be concerned if Rick Berg hates women, but why does Heidi Heitcamp care?

  • Ralph

    This whole thing is another straw man (or woman) set up by Democrats, and the obedient liberal media is spinning it perfectly.  The real issue is whether the government should force religious institutions to provide insurance coverage that includes contraception.  But that shouldn’t even be an issue.  Why should an insurance plan pay for contraception?  Isn’t birth control a discretionary expense? It’s not like some heart or blood pressure medication that the insured needs to survive.

    But the “Republicans hate women” strawman fits neatly into the liberal mantra.  It’s how they get elected.  They prey on the ignorant and gullible masses, and convince their intellectually bankrupt brains that we need Big Government to protect them from the evil (freedom-loving) Conservatives.

  • Wesbutte

    Heidi————–you’re a really big loser.    You tote the party line  and you would not represent north Dakota values. 

  • Independent

    Wow….anybody who lets that commercial influence their vote must have had a lobotomy.  It is funny seeing how the politicians treat the people like ignorant sheep.  Sadly, some people will let that commercial settle who they’ll vote for.

  • Tony

    Looks like you all ate some crow last night.