Heidi Heitkamp Takes Big Bucks From Anti-Fracking Lawyers


The lawfirm of Weitz & Luxenberg, based in the state of New York, is taking on hydraulic fracturing. They’re advertising on their website for clients, and holding summits opposing the energy production technique (and, of course, recruiting more clients).

Fracking, of course, is kind of important to North Dakota’s economy. Without fracking, the Bakken oil boom goes away and with it all the jobs and economic activity and surging government revenues. Without fracking, North Dakota would be up a creek without a paddle.

So it’s interesting that liberal Democrat Heidi Heitkamp’s Senate campaign has taken big bucks from the anti-fracking lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg. According Heitkamp’s latest FEC report, she’s accepted a total of $22,400 in contributions from lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg (see spreadsheet below).

Not so long ago Heidi Heitkamp told a group of energy leaders that she was against “regulation through litigation.” Yet, that’s the sort of thing the lawyers at Weitz & Luxenberg.

Heitkamp’s base of support doesn’t quite match up with her words. She voices opposition to the anti-energy policies of Barack Obama and Harry Reid, yet with her actions she supports them. She voices opposition to trial lawyer assaults on energy, yet those very trial lawyers are a key segment of her base of support.

Heidi Heitkamp Contributions From Anti-Fracking Lawyers

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  • Jay

    Any word on why Berg isn’t (yet) making a big deal of Heidi’s multiple faux pas, Rob?

    • Lianne

      Is he waiting till after the primary?

  • Paul Overby

    My guess is that if Heidi gets elected, she won’t pay much attention to this group of people. I believe that she is smart enough to realize that openly supporting a ban on fracking would mean the end of any term she might hold. I would guess that she is thinking that she should accept all the donations she can now to help her get to Washington so she can tap into the big money there.

    • Roy_Bean

      My guess is that you are dreaming.  She will go to DC and be just as big a lib as Comrade Conrad and the other 2 stooges were.  Measure 2 relies on oil revenue to replace property tax and she wants to kill the oil money.

      • Paul Overby

        Measure 2 is not related to my point. Despite being a liberal, I also believe Heidi is smart enough to know that measure 2 will not pass. Her plans assume the failure of measure 2. The reality is that even very conservative ND politicians are already making plans assuming measure 2 will fail. It is logical to assume that liberals are doing the same. 

        Liberals will make compromises if it means that they will keep their job. Unfortunately, many conservatives do the same thing. Experience tells us that this is a pervasive aspect of politics. 

    • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

      I never thought Earl Pomeroy would immolate his career by voting for Obamacare either, but that happened.

      • Paul Overby

        So true. Yet your point is mostly irrelevant to this conversation. Earl Pomeroy is a different person than Heidi and oil is much different than Obamacare. At this time fracking is the lifeblood of the oil industry in North Dakota and the oil industry is widely supported here, despite all the bad press from the liberal media. My only point is that I believe that Heidi is smart enough to realize this and that should she support a ban on fracking, she would destroy her political career in North Dakota. 

        Please don’t misunderstand, there is no love for Heidi here. I believe that she will act in her own interest now and she will continue to do so if she is elected (may God help us). Only time will tell. 

  • Roy_Bean


  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Two bit shyters flock together.

    • $8194357

      The devil “in the form of the snake”.
      When the power of darkness takes on the role of “enightenment” to his
      fellow “Free thinking radical travellers” who fall before his feet kind of
      deception and delusion so strong in todays world,

  • Toppr8

    Of course you are right.  Heidi would be caught in a backlash of major proportions if she came out against this development that is economically boosting ND.  It is politics as usual for she and others to be taking support from the “other” side of the issue, and it has come to a point where this is not surprising in this day and age, yet is it pathetic to have this kind of activity become the status quo of our leadership……