WH Responds to Secession Petitions

The Obama administration on Friday responded to the wave of secession petitions that spread online following the November election, preaching unity over division and saying there’s no right to secede.

“In a nation of 300 million people — each with their own set of deeply-held beliefs — democracy can be noisy and controversial. And that’s a good thing. Free and open debate is what makes this country work, and many people around the world risk their lives every day for the liberties we often take for granted,” wrote Jon Carson, director of the Office of Public Engagement.

“But as much as we value a healthy debate, we don’t let that debate tear us apart,” he said.

More than two dozen states from all corners of the country filed online White House petitions after President Barack Obama’s victory over Gov. Mitt Romney, calling for the government to allow them to secede. Carson’s letter was filed in response to requests from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, all of which garnered the necessary 25,000 signatures. It was also a response to a petition to deport those who had signed petitions to secede in the first place.


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  • igx

    If the bond market backs up just 2 or 3 percentage points–depending on who you talk to—we are out of money, period. So then you could still say we are all in this together. But throw on top of that CA, Il, and HI have to be bailed out. What then?

    It’s not crazy talk.

    • RCND

      Maybe we can’t secede (which I don’t support), but perhaps we could consider kicking nonperforming or underperforming states out of the union before they drag the rest of us down with them (not serious about that either)

      • Beachfront NV

        can we just move DC to California and let the whole flock of them side into the ocean?

    • igx

      P.S. 5% on 10 treasuries is still well below average.

      And people wonder why sliver rounds, ammo, and dehydrated food are popular.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    If the EPA thugs outlaw fracking, ND should succeed.

    • Matthew Hawkins

      Wouldn’t even register a blip on the rest of the US.