Washington State Lawmakers Issue Huge Tax to Electric Vehicle Owners

Hybrid and electric cars are usually so wonderfully magical and great at saving the earth that governments have often incentivized people to buy them. But in an unusual twist, one state government has decided to tell its Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster-owning residents that they can go ahead and suck it.

Starting Feb. 1, drivers in Washington will have to pay an additional $100 annual fee at registration if they own an electric car. This is the result of a law that was passed in their last legislative session, according to the Seattle Times. Why is the state doing this? It’s not because they’re a bunch of V8 Mustang owners who think electric cars are for weenies.

No, the additional fee is to help the state compensate for the gasoline taxes that these electric car owners don’t have to pay anymore. The money supposedly goes towards highway and road improvements.