University of North Dakota bringing in communist activist for event

Davis will be part of UND’s “Great Conversations” program; a faculty member will interview her at 7 p.m. at Chester Fritz Auditorium. The event will be free and open to the public.

Davis, 68, a distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, became a nationally recognized activist in the 1960s as a leader of the Communist Party with close relations to the Black Panther Party.

She came to national attention in 1969 after being removed from her teaching position in the philosophy department at UCLA as a result of her social activism and her membership in the Communist Party, according to UCSC.

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  • camsaure

    Your tax dollars at work

    • borborygmi

      You are right censorship is the American way and we should censor all those you disagree with.

      • Rob

        So if we don’t subsidize Davis’ lectures, we’re censoring her?

        Maybe I should accuse you of denying me my second amendment rights because you don’t subsidize my ammo purchases.


        • sbark

          oh come on….let the left control the language…….its only “fair”
          beside’s they should piggyback her with Professor Bill Ayers for maximum effect.

      • camsaure

        Borb, you really are that ignorant,I guess. Where in the hell do you find anywhere in the constitution that I am supposed to pay for someone elses free speech with my tax dollars. Get a clue.

      • sbark

        Its not even as simple as disagreeing with it………its knowing what is simply wrong, simply doesnt work. why waste time with it let alone bring it into our schools at all?
        Its like yet advocating the merits of horses over automobiles–Does UND offer that as a class also?-history should have disgarded by now—-but I guess the American left wants to hang onto Communism as a possibility as they seem content with 100% failure in a vacumn of ideas.
        Now tell me the merits of communism that she preaches…….or is that too close to Liberalism? Beings that the Comm party USA has stated they dont bother to run a candidate because Obama fullfills all their needs and wants.

  • $8194357

    I though Comrade Kent got his first speaking gig…

  • JW-American

    A world without prisons… sounds like a lovely place to live.. How about a world with lots more prisons to keep the SOB’s locked up there full freaking sentence. Wow what a concept. DO THE CRIME>DO THE TIME

    What a pile of hopeless drivel that speech would be.

    Question, How do you enforce your collectivism philosophy of taking from those who have to give to those that don’t without a prison system? Oh ya, just shoot the violators! Just take their guns first so they don’t shoot back.

    I’ll bet they would heckle and protest Ann Coulter or Rush if he ever returned to the Chester Fritz.

    Maybe ND should just trade Grand Forks and UND to the Peoples Republic of MN in exchange for Becker County so I could have a lake cabin in ND.

    No, instead ND will dump 120 million dollars into a couple of new UND buildings this next year, Politics is so flipping hopless…