Two thirds of legal Mexican immigrants have not yet become citizens

Nearly two-thirds of the 5.4 million legal immigrants from Mexico who are eligible to become citizens of the United States have not yet taken that step. Their rate of naturalization—36%—is only half that of legal immigrants from all other countries combined, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center

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  • awfulorv

    And why should they bother to make the effort when no one seems interested in having them assimilate into our society? Most political, financial, and legal messages, are printed in Spanish. Your phone directs you to either English, or Spanish, so why bother? And if one were to suggest an illegal carry on a conversation in English you’d be called a racist. Let’s face facts, they are, obviously, smarter than we are. Else, how would they manage, or even conceive of, having we taxpaying citizens pay to house, clothe, feed, medicate, teach, and transport them, as if these benefits were owed them? And then we have our ineffectual DOJ suing the hell out of any state, business, or person, that tries to deny them these, apparent, rewards for their illegal crossing of our borders. I get a huge guffaw though, whenever Mexico’s head honcho graces our congress with his presence, and proceeds to scold us for not treating the refuse of his country more humanely.

  • 2013

    Let’s see … pay back taxes and a fine to become a legal citizen or carry on as they are already doing … which would you choose?

    • Matthew Hawkins

      These are LEGAL immigrants. They already pay taxes and we aren’t going to fine them.

      • 2012

        Hello that is part of the plan Obama revealed. Get your facts straight before you correct someone.

  • awfulorv

    Why not, whenever a payment of any sort is to be paid an illegal, they be asked to take a simple test, in English, and each one more difficult than the last. These tests could be administered over the internet and, at least, would facilitate the learning of English. Otherwise we have another, permanent, group of uneducated dullards to further diminish the, already low, bar of knowledge.

  • ND in MD

    But I am sure not being a citizen has not prevented them from voting, at least in blue states.

  • Matthew Hawkins

    Can any of you read? The article is about legal immigration.