Three charts showing America’s bright energy future

The new projections from the Department of Energy through the year 2040 paint a very bright picture for America’s energy, economic, and environmental future in the first half of the 21st century. Thanks to advanced drilling technologies and the shale revolution, we can expect ongoing increases in domestic oil and gas production, which will: a) keep adding thousands of new direct jobs for drilling activities and thousands of more indirect jobs throughout the energy supply chain, b) attract billions of dollars in new investment capital, and therefore, c) continue to generate energy-related prosperity in states like North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Ohio. As we access more of America’s bonanza of shale gas and oil, the country’s energy self-sufficiency will gradually increase to new high record levels, while at the same time we’ll see carbon emissions per person fall to new record low levels. America’s bright energy future continues to provide one of the best reasons to be optimistic and bullish about the U.S. economy.

Carpe Diem