Study: Headstart programs have no lasting impact on education

For 48 years, liberals have used the Head Start education program for low income kids as the shining example of how the federal government can make a difference to the lives of people. But a new study suggests otherwise. So why keep spending $180 on an ineffective program?

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  • Lianne

    We didn’t need a study to prove this. A quick look at what is coming out of high school or not coming out of high school is all the proof we need.

    • Rob

      Well, I think the intent of the study was to show that Headstart isn’t giving the kids who attend any academic advantage. And I think that’s right. Headstart isn’t about education. It’s about free child care.

      • Lianne

        Free day care so mom’s and dad’s are free during the day. I stopped following the regs of Head Start, but years ago I was involved with a case where the mother slept all day, woke in time to be at the door to see her son get off the bus, but watched HBO and Showtime( I know–back in the dark ages) all night. she had one child, 4 y/o, couldn’t ‘afford’ a phone, and was receiving welfare, WIC, etc. Made me sick. she should have been working from 9-3 everyday.

  • WOOF

    The continuation of self inflicted punishment of Republicans.
    Fight early childhood education, try to kill Big Bird.
    Become a smaller minority party.