Sebeka, MN, Police Chief Suspended

The police chief in Sebeka, Minnesota, has been known for his run-ins with the law in the past. Now, Otter Tail County court documents show he’s at it again.

Forty-seven-year-old Eric Swenson is on a 30-day paid suspension for a disorderly conduct charge in May. Swenson plead guilty to the charge in June.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Department say he was drunk and belligerent at a bar. Witnesses describe Swenson “creating a scene” at the Huntersville Outpost Bar.

Several witness shared with police what happened that night. One said he was trying to eat with his family and Swenson was being so belligerent, drunk and obnoxious that customers were leaving the restaurant/bar.

A worker at the Huntersville Outpost Bar told a Sebeka police deputy that Swenson had “really bad language and racial things were said.” She said two male customers got up and left, and a family with four little kids decided to take their food and leave.

When a Sebeka police deputy arrived, other patrons said “Eric just had a bad day” when asked about the earlier incident.

The Otter Tail County attorney says on  Monday, July 15, Swenson made another appearance in court. Monday’s appearance was for two citations of domestic abuse that happened on June 28.

The county attorney says the domestic abuse hearing should continue in mid-August.

The suspension this summer aren’t the first for Swenson. He was suspended for a week without pay in November of 2010 after a string of incidents, including, responding to police call smelling of alcohol.

Swenson is the only full-time police officer in Sebeka, MN. Right now, the Wadena County Sheriff’s Department is covering non-emergency calls for the city.