“Scandal plagued” nuke program at Minot AFB getting “bottom-up review”

WASHINGTON — A major examination of the Air Force’s scandal-ridden intercontinental ballistic missile force kicked off Wednesday, the commander of Air Force Global Strike Command said.

A 65-member investigative team composed of Air Force, Navy and civilian experts is traveling to Minot Air Force Base, N.D., to begin a bottom-up review of the ICBM force and look for ways to improve it. Missileers, ICBM support personnel, nuclear bomber crew members, Global Strike Command personnel, sailors from the Navy nuclear enterprise, and outside business consultants from Executive Leadership Group, Inc. will be part of the team. They will talk to junior officers and enlisted personnel as well as their families at all three ICBM bases to discuss their concerns and determine what the Air Force should do to address them, Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank in Washington.

The probe was triggered by embarrassing revelations about the Air Force’s ICBM arm. In January, 92 nuclear missile launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont. were implicated in a cheating scandal related to monthly proficiency tests. On top of that, 11 servicemembers within the Air Force nuclear enterprise were found to be involved in an illegal narcotics ring.

The investigative team will focus on things that detract from mission effectiveness and morale of airmen.


  • John_Wayne_American

    Simple solution, move the air transport/refueling missions to the Natl Guard, or Army and the Fighter plane ground support mission to the Army or Marines/Navy. That leaves the Missile defense and Strategic Atomic Bombing mission.. Move that to the Strategic Air Command, and disband the Air Force.

    Nothing whatsoever against the Air-force, I admire all that serve, as I did not. but it seems like any other Gov, Agency, redundant missions and turf Battles.

    I think it takes a special person to want to be stationed on the praries of North Dakota, or MT under ground, for days at a time, stuck there with another “special person” as crazy as you are.

    No wonder for 30 years the launch code was 00000000.