Salvation Army buying tickets for homeless out of the oil patch

(CNNMoney) – Hundreds of job seekers arriving in the oil boomtown of Williston, N.D., are being sent back to where they came from after ending up homeless.

Thanks to an influx of people and money to the area, the Williston Salvation Army has seen its charitable donations more than double to $358,000 in the past two years. And it’s using some of this money to relocate people who can’t afford to stick around.

The organization buys gas vouchers, one-way bus and train tickets, or puts money toward flights for about 20 people per month. Last year, it helped more than 200 people leave.

“Sometimes they’re better off going back home,” said Joshua Stansbury, a North Dakota native who runs the Williston Salvation Army with his wife, Rhegan.

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