Poll: 71% of Americans want Redskins to keep name

Public Policy Polling revealed at the very bottom of its release that the country doesn’t have a problem when the team’s fans sing “Hail to the Redskins.”

Said the Democratic polling outfit, “one final issue we looked at on the poll: Only 18 percent of registered voters think the Washington Redskins should change their name to 71 percent who think they should keep it as it is. Republicans are particularly emphatic in their feelings on the matter, with 90 percent opposed to a name change and only 4 percent in support.”

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  • Bat 1

    Five years after Obama promised to fix things, our nation’s economy is still sputtering along. Liberal economic leading lights call it “secular stagnation.” Real unemployment is north of 11% and GDP growth has barely kept up with population growth, while record number of Americans – and illegals – are on disability and food stamps. The nationalization of the healthcare industry has been a disaster, wrapped in holocaust, smothered in deceit. The federal government is running amok, with spending, taxing, and one agency after another totally out of control. The president, who purports to have been some sort of constitutional law professor, violates that document at whim. The country is flooded with illegal aliens, who the government treats as some kind of guests of honor. Meanwhile, the nation’s foreign and national defense policies are rapidly reducing the world’s last superpower to the ranks of a third world laughing stock. And yet, despite all that, some sanctimonious people want to make an issue out of the name of a football team?

    Maybe they should pool their lunch money and pay Mr. Snyder what he thinks that team is worth, and then they could change the name to whatever they think is appropriate… The Metrosexual Broccoli Boys, perhaps?

    • DannyG

      What absurd claptrap! The unemployment rate is expected to drop to 6.5% by end of 2014, The housing market is up, homes increased in value some 14% and money is being made more available for loans. The economy recovery is real.

      Please, if you are going to parade your ignorance, please do it under your real name, so we can all see what you have achieved in terms of making predictions, from a historical perspective. My guess, you’ve been off the mark, wildly, for quite some time.

      Also, your business about illegal immigrants is just more right-wing fear mongering, dressed up as patriotic nationalism.

      • Bat 1

        For your information the official unemployment rate includes only those Americans who have applied for a job within the previous 30 day period. It does not include those who may not have applied, for whatever reason, during the subject period, nor does it include either those who have given up finding a job or those who are working part-time because no full-time opportunities are available to them.

        Yes, house values are up, as is the stock market. But to suggest that either is indicative of a strong, growing economy is witless drivel. As I’ve noted before, both Summers and Krugman have labeled the economy “secular stagnation” which is hardly much of an endorsement of the Obama regime’s economic policies given both economists leftwing tilt.

        Finally, while you are correct that more money is available for loans, measured against past, real recoveries, demand for loans is tepid at best, and what demand there is, and money to fund those loans, are each the result of Fed policies rather than anything Team Obama has done to encourage economic growth. And measured against the promises/forecasts offered at the very beginning of the Obama regime’s tenure (http://otrans.3cdn.net/45593e8ecbd339d074_l3m6bt1te.pdf) loan growth, like economic growth and private sector job growth have been embarrassingly diminutive.

        • DannyG

          Oh, and spending is up this year over last year. You were saying??

          • Bat 1

            (I assume that out of gracious, conservative, self-restrain we can ignore the fact that “this year” is all of three days old.)

            Whose spending? And spending on what, please? Got a url?

      • JoeMN

        A couple of charts

  • ec99

    As long as there is victimhood, Indians don’t have to be inconvenienced by solving the problems on the reservations.