Poll: 2/3 of Americans Would Defy Federal Gun Ban

In a Fox News survey, two-thirds of Americans said they would “defy” a federal gun ban and keep their guns if the government ever passed a law to “take your guns.”

The survey asked respondents, “If the government passed a law to take your guns, would you give up your guns or defy the law and keep your guns?”

Sixty-five percent of those surveyed said they would “defy the law.” Specifically, 70% of Republicans, 68% of conservatives, 52% of Democrats, and 59% of liberals said they would “defy” a federal gun ban to keep their guns.

The poll surveyed 1,008 registered U.S. voters between Jan. 15-17.


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  • $8194357

    Tyrany needs to be stood up to…

  • schreib

    I am so sick of this communist president. It is unfortunate that so many Americans no longer know history.

    • $8194357

      No one was allowed to use his middle name or the term socialist the first time around….Blind sheople marching off the ideological communist cliff..

  • awfulorv

    In light of the Brazilian nightclub fire last night, and in keeping with the recent fervor to ban all things That are bad for us, let me offer these potential banni to the list. A limit, strictly enforced, and immune to the entreaties of that gorgeous blonde who wants entrance, on how many celebrants may, safely, occupy a given area. Fireworks, or pyrotechnics, inside a building while a crowd is gathered. Not very good dance bands, which require the aforementioned fireworks to make themselves relevant. Women, and the sexual allure they possess, especially gorgeous blondes, which is the, ultimate, reason these gatherings take place. And, of course, all weapons, and shells, with their potential to explode during the conflagration, are to be left at the door There you have it, ban these and life would be much safer for all concerned, particularly the nanny staters.