Planet earth is actually getting greener

“Did you know that the Earth is getting greener, quite literally? Satellites are now confirming that the amount of green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades. This will be news to those accustomed to alarming tales about deforestation, over-development and ecosystem destruction.”

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  • banjo kid

    Every time I see a commercial for plastic bottles stretching across the Earth I think about all the glass bottles I used to take back to the store for a two cent refund so I might go skating at the local rink or take in a movie, would it not be better if we banned the plastic and went back to deposits so each person can take care of their own mess ? Cloth diapers would go a long way toward stopping over fill of our land fills. Glass jugs for milk also no more plastic bottles and also have deposits so we will take them back even when we do not want to . It sounds to me like we are going backwards on environmental things and we sure could use some good old common sense ,. clothe line post in our back yard and the husband or the children would have a chore to do it might make them take care of their clothes better also . The last two generations have been what I call the throw away group or generation not to throw them away but they throw everything away . Use it and toss it is the generation we are in now .