Paper that published gun owner database hires armed guards

The Journal News of West Nyack, N.Y., has hired armed security guards to defend its offices after receiving a torrent of phone calls and emails responding to the paper’s publication of the names and addresses of area residents with pistol permits.

RGA Investigations, a private security company, “is doing private security at on location at the Journal News as a result of the negative response to the article,” according to a police report first obtained by the Rockland County Times (Nanuet, N.Y.) and shared with POLITICO. The guards “are armed and will be on site during business hours through at least January 2, 2013.”

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  • DWHoover

    I wonder if the names and addresses of the armed guards hired to protect the newspaper employees were published….

    • banjo kid

      They more than likely are out of state .

  • banjo kid

    Ah the left hires guards while we hardly can afford the price of a good fire arm .

  • KAM

    How ironic that the same people who are so threatened by citizens legally owning and possessing firearms turn to hiring ARMED guards to protect themselves! For some reason, the self-acclaimed “tolerance” of the LEFT only applies when people share their views. NEWSFLASH – that’s not TOLERANCE that’s AGREEMENT! Tolerance is allowing a difference of opinion to exist without attacking or belittling the other side. Perhaps even trying to understand their point of view.