Oil patch Walmart paying $17/hour in North Dakota

Gordon Weyrauch, manager of Williston Home & Lumber, said it’s hard to keep good employees even at $16 an hour: “Seems like when you get somebody that’s really good, there’s always another company stealing them away.”

A sign outside the local Wal-Mart advertises starting wages of $17 an hour.

Star Tribune

  • JR Anderson

    no comments??… this goes against every thing wal mart stands for. if they can do it here imagine what our economy COULD be…

    • JoeMN

      So you want a comment ?

      Perhaps if the White house was not inhabited by an economic illiterate, the whole nation could be enjoying the growth and rising wages that the oil patch is now experiencing.

  • ec99

    In an area where an oil company is starting at $80K, $17/hr isn’t all that much.

    • Ken Parks

      Well there is little likelihood of losing digits or limbs working at Walmart. Those roughnecks earn their pay. Also Wallyworld is AC’ed and heated, those rigs aren’t…