Obama Fabricates Life Story About When Inouye Inspired Him at Late Senator’s Funeral

Last Saturday, when President Barack Obama spoke at the funeral of Sen. Daniel Inouye, the Democrat and World War II hero who had represented Hawaii, he audaciously told a tale about when Inouye first inspired him that directly contradicted another fib from his memoir, Dreams From My Father.

Obama said Inouye inspired him when he watched the Watergate hearings with his mother “every night” in motels as they were touring across the United States one summer in his youth.
As Jack Cashill noted at The American Thinker, though, “this story would work only if Obama had toured the United States during the summer of the Watergate hearings, 1973, when he was eleven years old going on twelve, but in his memoir Dreams from My Father, he tells another story–a much more specific one.”:

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