North Dakota’s unemployment rate down to 2.6% in January

North Dakota January 2014 Unemployment Report

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  • noblindersonme

    ND unemployment rate is 2.6 % , the nation’s lowest. ND is sending out press releases stating we have about 25, 000 jobs that need filling. This had been the case for a few years now. Kinda makes one think that the unemployment rate will never be down to zero, NEVER , when the situtation is as rosy as it is here, meaning the crabby complainers will always have that stat to complain about. Good for your biz aint it Rob. Also the nation’s rate has dropped from 7.9 to 6,6 in the past year , further damaging the right’s claim that Obama has done NOTHING right. EVERYTHING has gotten worse under him! Yeah! things aint perfect , never will be , never was, but your business , Rob , is to not to highlight the positive or put things in proper perspective is it? Unless your first knee jerk reaction is to put a drop in the rate into your negative perspective . ‘Yeah but but but so many have quit looking ,yadda yadda, but but but they are only meager low paying jobs yadda yadda !
    If Mitt Rommney gets elected in 2012 and if this very same senario takes place , the unemployment rate drops by over a point – the right and the GOP could not contain the bragging and boasting and the credit taking!
    Political commentary today stinks!! it infects so much of todays society. On Face book I read some know nothing commenting on ND ‘s good economy and she was from North Carolina. ” Gawd I wish we had those ND politicians here in N Carolina instead of all the Obamas and liberals we have here ”
    yeah that is some great thinking , take those ND politicians to North Carolina and see how great they can run a state without an ocean of oil beneath it or vast fields of agricultural bounty!
    And I bet those stupid North Carolina leaders would suddenly become ‘economic geniuses ‘ if they came here to balance budgets!