North Dakota the worst place for women?

North Dakota, though, isn’t exhibiting hostility only to reproductive rights but also to women in general. If you’re a woman who struggles economically, it’s doubly bad for you. John Eligon, writing for The New York Times, described in a piece published on January 15 how rural North Dakota, especially near boomtowns built around the oil industry, has become a frightening and hostile place for single women. Women make up only 42 percent of the single population in North Dakota, creating a “man’s world” atmosphere where sexist behavior has few checks on it. Women are constantly being sexually harassed, and the rates of crimes against women are rising. In the 1990s, programs were established to respond to and prevent violence against women in rural North Dakota under the Violence Against Women Act, but unfortunately for the women of the state, House Republicans recently killed the once-popular legislation.

American Prospect