North Dakota no threat to take over Texas in oil production soon

North Dakota has been making lots of news lately, overtaking Alaska as the No. 2 oil producer in the nation behind Texas.

I asked Smitherman if North Dakota could ever become No. 1?

“I think we retain our leadership for some time to come,” Smitherman said.

He pointed out that oil production in Texas has roughly doubled in the past 7 years or so and he foresees a continuation of that trend.

“I think our numbers are going to increase dramatically,” he said.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters. He writes a weekly column for several North Dakota newspapers, and also serves as a policy fellow for the North Dakota Policy Council.

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  • awfulorv

    And California has huge amounts of Bakken like shale formations also. Let’s see now, there’s Texas, the gulf coast, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Kansas, a stirring, plus those already mentioned. If we’re not careful we may hurt the Muslim Mutts feelings by starting our own OPEC, and let the price once again be determined by competition, not two bit despots. Of course we know what the future Caliph thinks of such notions.

  • sbark

    Another big shale discovery in Texas……..Cline Formation, after just really getting going on the Eagleford in the past couple of yrs…..Word is the Cline Formation in Texas is bigger than the Bakken