New Interactive Map Shows the Number of Times Guns Have Saved Americans

Proponents of stricter gun control measures regularly call attention to the number of people killed in gun-related crimes.

However, what these people often neglect to mention is the number of people who have been saved by firearms. That is, gun control advocates rarely — if ever — acknowledge the possible benefits of owning a gun.

But is there an upside to owning a gun, as defenders of the Second Amendment claim? Of course there is. Indeed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say numerous would-be murderers, burglars, and rapists have been thwarted by guns.

But let’s try to visualize this.

In the spirit of the Journal News, the New York newspaper that published a map featuring the names and addresses of legal gun owners in three counties, the Cato Institute has put together a map documenting the instances in which a gun has helped innocent Americans protect themselves from violent criminals.

“Gun control proponents cannot deny that people use guns successfully against criminals, but they tend to play down how often such events take place,” Cato notes. “The purpose of this map is to draw more attention to this aspect of the firearms policy debate.”

The Blaze