NDSU student senate passes a resolution expressing “no confidence” for Chancellor Shirvani

FARGO, N.D. – North Dakota State University (NDSU) Student Senate unanimously passed a resolution containing a vote of ‘no confidence’ against North Dakota University System (NDUS) Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and support for the proposed amendment to S.B. 2003 at its Feb. 24 meeting. The proposed amendment, brought by Sen. Tony Grindberg (R-Fargo), would allocate money for a buyout of the remainder of Chancellor Shirvani’s contract.

The resolution raised “serious questions…about Dr. Shirvani’s leadership methods, specifically regarding his interactions with student leaders.” Specific instances are cited within the resolution, which is available online at http://www.ndsu.edu/sg.

“By taking this action, our Student Government is sending a clear message to members of the legislature and of the State Board of Higher Education that we feel new leadership is needed for the students of NDSU, and across the state,” said Student Body President Luke Brodeur. “Having a culture of open communication and unity is absolutely vital for any organization to be successful. The university system affects more than 48,000 students, as well as many more faculty, staff and administrators. Having a leader that understands the importance of openness and feedback is necessary if we want to move forward as one collective system.”

Student Body President Luke Brodeur, Student Body Vice President Jace Beehler, Executive Commissioner of Government Relations and Intercollegiate Affairs Robert Lauf, Assistant Executive Commissioner of Government Relations and Intercollegiate Affairs Ian Godfrey and Senate Vice Chair Walter Lanza co-sponsored the resolution.

NDSU Student Government is composed of 35 Senators, 10 Executives and six Justices. The Student Body President, Vice President and Senate are elected by the student body every spring. The Executive and Judicial members are selected by the Student Body President and sworn in by the Student Senate.

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  • ec99

    You’re talking about people who don’t know who wrote Shakspeare’s plays but can give to the alcohol content of most booze.

    • slackwarerobert

      Well in the dummies defense, I could tell you who wrote them, but the man can’t speak english so not worth reading then anyways.

  • slackwarerobert

    Well they have a promising future in washington. He can’t do the job so lets give him a big raise. You shouldn’t be buying him out, you should be firing him for cause and pay him nothing. You really want to incite a riot, when finance holds a meeting to explain why they are paying him another million and they can’t get a raise, ask the one I did ….”Well, you aren’t going to put a clause like that in the new ones contract are you?” started a mini riot when the accountants couldn’t come up with a reason they have to put a keep getting payed clause in the new guys contract, they kept saying well we have to pay because it is in the contract to the idiots who can’t think for themselves.

  • Flyby_Knight

    I have to chuckle a little bit at the specific complaints.

    “On July 18th, 2012, NDSU Student Government Executive, Robert Lauf, emailed the NDUS office requesting to meet with Chancellor Shirvani to discuss issues pertaining to higher education. On July 20th, 2012, Chancellor Shirvani personally responded saying, “…I see my role is to be working with the North Dakota Student Association on matters that affect all eleven campuses. Therefore, I believe it is more appropriate for your student body to meet with President Bresciani.”

    I actually think that’s fair.

    “At the State Board of Higher Education meeting on September 26th, 2012, student concerns were brought forward by the student board member in regards to the accelerated timeline of the “Pathways to Student Success” plan. Chancellor Shirvani responded by stating that, “Student input will be heard through the campuses,” instead of directly to system leadership, and that, “the expedited approval process is a demonstration to the legislature to show the system is on the way to building a quality system,” a show of disregard for the serious concerns expressed by students.”

    Again, I think that’s fair.

    “Over the course of his term, several conversations have been had between Chancellor Shirvani and NDSU student leadership, which those students would describe as “misleading” or “demeaning.”

    Boo hoo.

    • Roger

      If reasonable people look at the NDSA resolution and the “grievances” they would be amused at what these elitest spoiled students believe rises to the level of firing an executive. Maybe once they have to work in a real job they will learn and be as thouroghly embarrased at their naivety as many grownups are in their actions.

    • Lundy

      Their witty bitty feelings were hurt. Now they are throwing a tantrum. Can we get a list of these students who voted for this. I would like to make sure our business does not hire such immature people.

  • The Fighting Czech

    Well, dont children say the darnest things!!