ND state budget has grown 492% since 1993, 156% since 2003

Spending: Dalrymple is recommending $12.8 billion in state spending over two years, an increase of 29 percent from the current budget. The sum includes federal aid and money reserved for specific uses, such as road construction and hunting and fishing regulation. General fund spending, which is financed mostly by taxes on income, sales, energy and corporations, would rise to $4.8 billion over two years under Dalrymple’s plan, an increase of almost 18 percent over two years.

Growth: The Legislature’s 2003-05 budget spent $5 billion, a figure that included $1.8 billion in general fund spending. Ten years before, the 1993-95 budget totaled $2.16 billion, including $1.25 billion in general fund expenditures.

Great Plains Examiner