ND legislator proposes bill to notify concealed carry license holders of expiration

A separate bill introduced by Bismarck Rep. Lawrence Klemin (kluh-MEEN’) would require the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation to notify concealed weapon permit holders when their permits are about to expire.

Now, the agency doesn’t tell permit holders that their permits are about to expire.

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  • RCND

    Must be a new change. I got a card the last time I had to go through the renewal process.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Maybe someone at BCI just likes you. ;-)

  • ZwilD1

    My whole family just was notified. It was appreciated as well.

  • whowon

    do you know where to find the ND bills on the legislature site? My reps said they put them on the site every Friday.

  • SusanBeehler

    I wonder who is going to pay for that? Social workers came out against notifying a non-custodial parent of child abuse back in the early 2000’s. Now the state has money to pay postage notify gun owners, but can’t notify when child abuse was committed in a custodial parents home? Sounds like priorities are screwed up!