ND House amends DUI bill with even tougher penalties

The first offense was amended to include a fine of $500 and an order to an addiction evaluation for a BAC of at least .008. A BAC of at least .015, or in the case of a resfusal to submit to a chemical test, the sentence must include at least 10 days imprisonment, a $750 fine, an evaluation and a probation that includes the 24/7 program.

For the third offense in 10 years, the sentence will now include 180 days of imprisonment, rather than 60 days, and the fine for a fourth offense was raised from $1,000 to $3,000.

Amendments to HB 1302 also allow the court to sentence the individual to imprisonment and an alcohol treatment program. Upon completion of the program, the department can release the individual and place them on probation or for placement in another treatment facility.

Willston Herald