ND Dems accuse Republicans of being pro discrimination

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakota Senate Dem-NPL leadership today urged a no vote on recent amendments to SB 2252, legislation which seeks to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation. The “hog house” amendments to the bill, passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee late Tuesday, not only completely eliminate protections for those who suffer discrimination based on sexual orientation, but also widen discrimination on the basis of age and limit remedies to those who have proved they were terminated from employment because of their race, gender, religion or for other discriminatory reasons.

“We introduced this bill on a bipartisan basis to prevent discrimination,” Senate Dem-NPL Leader Mac Schneider said. “Somewhat stunningly, the amendment would permit discrimination against more people on the basis of age. If these amendments pass, it actually becomes a pro-discrimination bill.”

Under the amendments to SB 2252, the legislation would no longer amend the North Dakota Fair Housing Act and the North Dakota Human Rights Act to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

ND Free Press