NBC contributor doesn’t like the religion part of Christmas

During a panel discussion on Tuesday’s NBC Today about hiring people to do Christmas chores like decorating the tree or buying gifts, the network’s chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman suddenly broke into an anti-religious rant: “I don’t like the religion part. I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up….I think that’s what makes the holidays so stressful.” [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Snyderman’s take-the-Christ-out-of-Christmas commentary was prompted by fellow panelist Star Jones explaining: “I focus on, honestly, the religion part of it. I really and truly do. So I can’t out-source that part of it. I can send you to get my tree, but I can’t help – you can’t help me pray.” When Snyderman launched into her attack on faith, Jones countered: “That’s the only reason for me to have the holiday….We wouldn’t have the holiday if it wasn’t for the religion part.”

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  • The Fighting Czech

    I think She has it backwards. Religions dont require people to spend money to compete with the Jones. Religion doesn’t create the stress of finding the “right” ( ie most expensive) present for your kids or wife. Religion doesnt make you look at your credit card bill in January, and wonder how your gonna pay for all this stuff.
    In our household, there is a Nativity scene, Christmas music and a Christmas tree, with no presents under it. My wife and I have decided that we dont need that kind of stress.
    We understand what Christmas is supposed to be about.