MSNBC Debates if Obama Should Be on Mt Rushmore

MSNBC debating whether or not Barack Obama should be on Mount Rushmore is like a bunch of fat kids debating whether or not to eat cake. Just dispense with the formalities and start carving already.

Touré is not willing to put Obama on Mount Rushmore until he is done with his “fundamental transformation” of America, including gun control, immigration reform and gay rights. Touré is willing to get Clinton into the mix, though, “another great American president.”

Abby Huntsman, host and producer of HuffPost Live, agreed with Touré in general that it takes time to know how Obama’s policies will affect Americans in the future (spoiler alert: not good). Huntsman was also willing to bring Reagan back up in the conversation, along with Ike Eisenhower. However, it does seem like the premise that conservatives want Reagan on Mount Rushmore is a bit of a stretch.

Independent Journal Review