MSNBC host calls NRA president a “lobbyist for mass murderers”

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  • banjo kid

    They always call you what they are to throw the scent off . there are two types of gun control people 1. the people who really think taking guns away will stop killing
    2/. the ones who want to take our guns away because they can not take over the country as long as we are armed. oops 3. the types who want some kind of cause in their life no matter how stupid it is .

  • Neiman

    Lawrence O’Donnell, a communist and anti-American fool of the first order. Which is a fundamental qualification to work at MSNBC, even Joe Scarborough suffers from this disease. He and all liberals are then lobbyists for the mass slaughter of children in the Democrat Party abortuary chambers; if the NRA President is guilty of enabling these few psychopaths, how much more guilty are the liberals talking heads and politicians responsible for the many murderous abortionists in this country?

    Lawrence and his evil ilk want to commit all the murders of children, they do not want any competition and they want our guns, because of Banjo Kid’s #2 reason below.

  • kevindf

    Notice how are they are calling it “gun safety” instead of “gun control” again.